Using Hear Shaped Sparklers For Events

Best Way To Use Heart Shaped Sparklers At Weddings

Heart Sparklers 

ViP Sparklers wanted to take the opportunity to help show brides various ways to incorporate our romantic heart sparklers at your wedding! Weddings in general are a romantic occasion of two people in love and what better way to represent that then with heart shaped sparklers! Using heart sparklers can add a twist to a typical sparkler exit. We wanted to discuss exciting ways to incorporate these unique sparklers on your big day! As these aren’t the same as an exit sparkler you will need to utilize these in the proper way on your wedding day.

How To Use Heart Sparklers At Your Wedding

We know your most likely researching new and exciting ideas for your wedding so will get right to the details! A lot of times these wedding sparklers will be used as wedding favors! Your wedding guests will absolutely love these interactive gifts and it won’t be something they will easily toss aside.

Wedding Favors

Most people go with little knick-knacks or chocolate, but you will stand out with these heart sparklers! Here are a couple ways you can include them as a wedding favor. Using these as a wedding favor is a fantastic way to make your night memorable! 

  • Place each heart sparkler on each table setting next to the plate.
  • Put a small bucket with each heart shaped sparkler inside with the appropriate name attached. Include small instructions on how you plan on having your wedding guests use them.
  • Or when each wedding guests arrives to the reception have people handing them out explaining how you plan on using them at your wedding.

Heart Shaped Sparkler Centerpieces

Showcasing your heart shaped sparklers as a centerpiece is a great way to make your wedding guests aware you will be using sparklers on your wedding night. We’ve come up some really creative ways to showcase these below.

  • Mix these with your wedding sparklers and create a decorative floral setting filled with just sparklers! This will give your guests a chance to grab one or the other or best case one of each! Capturing pictures with a mix of heart shaped sparklers and longer wedding sparklers will create the ideal wedding exit. You would be amazed how spectacular a grand wedding exit can look with a mix of both sparklers. 
  • Create a jar of heart sparklers by themselves and make them look like their own bouquet of flowers. This will make it easy for your wedding party to grab them as they head out to the sparkler exit.
  • Place each individual sparkler on top of the dessert when it rolls out! This is a great way to surprise everyone at your wedding. Either serve each one with the heart sparkler lit or have them take them off and use them for the wedding sparkler exit.

Fun Wedding Sparkler Photos

Everyone is using photo booths or creating fun area’s sparkler and zanny photos! When using heart sparklers the photos turn out best when one or a couple sparklers are in focus. As these heart sparklers are a little different than your typical sparkler. Each heart shaped sparkler burns on both sides of the heart as they burn at the top and then reconnect at the bottom. Creating special moments with these heart sparklers are a sure way your guests keep these photo’s in their house to remember how amazing your wedding night was.

  • Create a specific area where couples and friends grab a sparkler and pose! 
  • Grab different members of the bridal party or wedding party to take group photos after the ceremony with these heart sparklers.
  • Have the newlyweds pose during the sunset with each one holding a heart sparkler or each holding one together. Have them hold the heart shaped sparkler close to the camera while kissing. This will create a really artsy photo and one of a kind on your special night!

“I Do” Big Kiss

This is one of the best ways to create a truly unique moment during your wedding ceremony! Having your bridal party next to you with heart sparklers as you seal the deal with your loved one! This will really make that big kiss even more extra special! This may take some practice on how to execute on the big stage, so we do recommend practicing the night before at your recital. This one will really shock everyone witnessing your ceremony and may even be the talk of the wedding night!

On Top Of Your Wedding Cake

The cutting the cake ceremony has really taken a back seat over the past couple year and this the perfect way to make it memorable! Attaching heart sparklers at the top or on the sides of the cake can make the cakes entrance one for the ages! All of our heart sparklers are safe to put on top of your wedding cake and won’t leave any residue. Another popular option is our wedding cake sparklers! These cake sparklers will shoot up 8 inches of spark and leave everyone scrambling to pick up their phone to capture pictures! Our cake sparklers have the same burn time of our heart shaped wedding sparklers! Both options will leave your wedding guests speechless, just check out these pictures.

How Not To Use Heart Sparklers At Your Wedding 

Now that we covered all of the popular ways to incorporate these heart sparklers, we briefly wanted to touch upon how to not use these at your wedding. These heart sparklers are much different than our typical wedding sparklers so we want to make it clear to our readers. As these are drastically different than a typical sparkler as they have two sparks that separate and then reconnect at the bottom. Longer sparklers for weddings only burn from the top to the bottom of where the handle begins.

  • If you are planning on having a wedding sparkler exit do not use only heart sparklers. As these heart shaped sparklers have a significantly shorter burn time than wedding sparklers. We do LOVE having a mixture of heart sparklers and 36 inch wedding sparklers to create a unique setting. However, if you use only heart sparklers you may run out of time as these only have a burn time of just under one minute. 
  • Unlike our 20 inch sparklers you can not write or draw with these sparklers. Because these heart sparklers are much shorter you are unable to flex these to create “sparkler art” with your wedding photographer known as the shutter effect.
  • Don’t use a large number of these romantic sparklers indoors at once. Although these heart sparklers are one of the safer options for indoors do not use them in excess. You must keep in mind that each heart sparkler has two sparks, so it’s really two in one sparkler.

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Heart Shaped Sparklers Best Option?

When it comes to wedding sparklers the grand wedding exit takes the cake! Our 20 inch sparklers and 36 inch wedding sparklers are by far our most popular options for using sparklers for weddings. However, these heart sparklers are a unique sparkler when used the right way can steal the show at your wedding. You need to find smaller settings for these heart sparklers to really make them shine. If you plan on using over one hundred of these heart shaped sparklers at once will not turn out the way you imagined in your head.

ViP Sparklers Heart Sparklers For Sale

When searching online their are countless options for buying heart sparklers online.  You will want to be very careful about purchasing the right sparklers online. Many online sparklers for sale are your typical 4th of July sparklers that lack quality. All sparklers from ViP Sparklers are virtually smokeless and ash-less. We understand how important these heart sparklers are on your wedding day and offer a superior product! We use a double dip process which creates consistency amongst all of our wedding sparklers. We’ve proudly been in the sparkler industry for over ten years. With every heart sparkler order you receive 16 free premium sparklers to help with the lighting process! At ViP Sparklers we want your night to be magical! If you have any questions about our heart shaped sparklers do not hesitate to reach out. 


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