Using Bottle Sparklers At Clubs

Using Bottle Sparklers At Clubs

Using Bottle Sparklers Safely At Clubs

ViP Sparklers first brought bottle sparklers to major cities back in 2006 and still today offer the most affordable and reliable sparklers online. Major cities like Miami and New York City were first to adopt these champagne bottle sparklers adding them to nightclubs and restaurants. We have tons of clients that use these bottle sparklers for all types of events, birthdays, celebrations and events. We wanted to touch upon the important safety features you should take when you and your staff use these sparklers at your location. A lot of companies just sell you these bottle sparklers without giving you any type of guidance or rules on using these cake sparklers. Like with any type of sparklers, safety should come first. This blog will go over safe practices to use inside of your nightclub when choosing to use these fountain sparklers. 

Champagne Bottle Sparkler Clips

One of the most important aspects when using bottle sparklers is making sure you securely attach them to your liquor bottle. Often times clients and nightclub owners may choose to use rubber bands and twist-offs to fasten bottle sparklers. Under no circumstances should you use either of these two options anymore. ViP Sparklers has created and patented our own sparkler clips that fasten to any size liquor bottle. Each cake sparkler quickly and securely attaches to the bottle making it easy for your staff to navigate through the crowded nightclub. That was always the main concern with using rubber bands and twist-offs, the slightest bump or quick movement could cause the fountain candle to easily fly off. Like any sparkler, these bottle sparklers can become very hot and may cause serious burns if accidentally touched. Each champagne bottle sparklers shoots a spectacular display of sparkling showers up to 6 to 8 inches high, the last thing you want is an unsecured bottle sparklers. The best part about using these bottle sparkler clips is they are reusable! You and your staff can easily detach the sparkler and clip after the final flame goes out. We offer these safety clips in small and large quantities depending on how often these champagne bottle sparklers are used at your nightclub.

Lighting Bottle Sparklers 

The next area we wanted to touch upon when using these cake sparklers is the proper way to ignite them. Most nightclubs and restaurants tend to use just typical lighters which may put your hand at an added risk of being burned. We recommend using a barbecue lighter or a butane lighter when dealing with any type of sparkler. This way when you are lighting the tip of the bottle sparkler your hands are not in the immediate area where the sparklers will shoot off sparks. In addition, using a barbecue lighter is a much quicker way to light and start celebrating with the sparklers! We understand that most of the time your staff will be igniting these bottle sparklers behind the scenes before bringing them out to your VIP clients. So time is of the essence when executing bottle service with sparklers. That’s why we recommend using the proper lighters for safety and efficiency. 

Maximum Of Two Sparklers Per Bottle

One of the most popular questions we always get from people who purchase bottle sparklers is how many can they attach to each bottle? A lot of online sparkler stores sell triple clips where you can easily attach three cake sparklers to any size liquor bottle. We highly discourage placing more than two sparklers on a single bottle. It’s not because just putting three sparklers on is dangerous, it’s actually for a reason you wouldn’t think. Putting three sparklers on a single bottle may create too much smoke. Even though these sparklers are virtually smokeless and ash-less if you put three of these together in limited space the sparklers do not have enough room to breathe properly resulting in amplified smoke.

Keep Red Tips Attached 

We get a lot of questions on whether you should remove the bottom red tips on the bottle sparklers. People believe if you aren’t using these as cake sparklers then you should remove the bottom part. At ViP Sparklers we highly advise you to keep the red tips attached. If you remove the tips you put the sparkler at a further risk of having it’s contents fall out. Please keep all sparkler components together. 

If you have any questions when it comes to using bottle sparklers do not hesitate to reach out to us at ViP Sparklers. We offer online sparklers for all events and occasions whether you are looking for a small amount of champagne bottle sparklers or on a wholesale level. We look forward to adding sparks of entertainment to your next event! 

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