The Top 5 Things to Think About Before Buying Wedding Sparklers

The perfect complement to any wedding are sparklers. Wedding sparklers can be lit during the ceremony or used to provide a big exit for the happy couple. Some couples also use them at the reception, for example, during the cake cutting, a toast, or the first dance. Regardless of how or when they are employed during the celebration, wedding sparklers will unquestionably leave a lasting impression. There are five things we must do in advance in order to have the finest wedding sparkler experience.

Verify That Sparklers Are Allowed at Our Venue.

If we want to utilize wedding sparklers, the first thing we need do is make sure our venue is okay with it. Although wedding sparklers are legally permitted in all 50 states, it is often necessary to check with the venue's policies before using them because of local fireworks regulations. Furthermore, it makes sense to talk about having our sparklers transported straight to our venue if we are having a destination wedding rather than traveling with them. Our sparklers must arrive undamaged and be kept in a secure location until we reach our destination.


Choose the location of the wedding exit at the venue.

It's important to keep in mind that sparklers contain a flame while deciding where to hold our wedding send-off. This indicates that in order to prevent accidentally igniting something, we should always be aware of our surroundings. At all times, we should only hold the sparkler's handle, and we should keep sparklers away from our bodies. Make sure there aren't any combustible objects nearby where we'll be utilizing the sparklers, such crepe paper or stacks of napkins.

Calculate the required number of wedding sparklers.

10% of wedding guests often depart before the wedding exit, so using that as a basic guideline will help us determine how many wedding sparklers we need. For a wedding with 100 guests, this would require the purchase of 90 wedding sparklers. But since some visitors prefer to wield two sparklers, it's usually a good idea to buy a few extras. Any extra sparklers can be kept by the bride and groom or used for entertaining sparkler photos with the bridal party. If we intend to utilize sparklers at other times during our event, that is another vital factor to take into account. This might occur during the first dance or the cake-cutting ceremony. We will need to buy more sparklers the more of them we plan to utilize.

Performing a Wedding Exit

To help with traffic control and oversee the sparkler lighting procedure, it's helpful to have someone in charge (either our wedding coordinator or a friend). Weddings are usually chaotic events, making it simple for attendees to lose track of what is required of them next. One idea for the person in charge of the 36-inch sparklers is to have wedding guests each take a sparkler as everyone forms a line to keep things orderly. Doing a test run with the visitors beforehand could be a nice idea. This will guarantee that everyone is informed of what is happening and what they should do.

A butane lighter or grill lighter works wonderfully for lighting a string of sparklers, starting with the first 36-inch sparklers or 20-inch sparklers on each side. The couple have to do this in order to pass through the arch. In general, lighters function far more reliably and effectively than matches. Each sparkler in the row can be used to light the next one in the row after the first sparkler in each row has been lighted. With this technique, plenty of wedding sparklers may be lighted quickly. We should put the lit sparklers in a number of metal buckets that have been filled with sand or water. We can just throw away the metal handles after the sparklers are absolutely cool. Find out how to plan a sparkler departure by reading these tips and methods.


Purchase Genuine Wedding Sparklers from a Reputable Supplier.

In contrast to sparklers bought at a fireworks stand, wedding sparklers don't produce any smoke and burn plainly. We don't want to try to cut costs just to find out that the sparklers we purchased are all defective or that they emit so much smoke when burned that we can't get good shots of the happy couple. We want to make sure that the sparklers we purchase are both attractive and functionally built when we aim to employ wedding sparklers at our significant event. To help you design your spectacular wedding departure, be sure to go through all of our sparkler ideas!