The Best Heart Shaped Sparklers

What to love about ViP’s heart shaped sparklers

★     YOUR LOVE WILL SHINE – Light up the set with them to provide a heart-filled flash for your pictures.

★     ONE MILLION WAYS TO LOVE – Group them or scatter them; hold them or plant them; light up an improvised walkway or archway; enjoy bottle service with love after you stick a couple of these in the cork; or use your own creativity.


★     THEY ARE SMOKELESS – Smoke won’t snuff out this flame so let the passion burn all night.

★     LOVE DOESN’T COST A THING – Who said you can’t buy love? Not ViP, because now you can buy inexpensive heart shaped sparklers to light up a priceless occasion.


Heart Shaped Sparklers Glow with Love and Passion

The ancient Greeks first believed that hearts were the center of romantic emotion. ViP believes that heart shaped sparklers are a glowing expression of an ancient belief.

Heart Shaped Sparklers Aren’t History Yet

ViP makes heart shaped wedding sparklers, but who made the heart shape? It predates St. Valentine and Cupid. The answers are speculative:

  • It is an aesthetic depiction of a human heart. It is believed that the human heart is the center of our romantic feelings, therefore, a natural association of heart and love followed.
  • Areas of the body commonly associated with romance and sexuality are obscurely heart shaped – a woman’s cleavage, a man’s back, and genital areas of both sexes.
  • It is the shape of the Ivy leaf and the Silphium seed. The Ivy leaf was a symbol of sensuality and passion, and the Silphium seed was used as an ancient contraceptive. Love is associated with the underlying symbolisms of both Ivy and Silphium.
  • When swans “kiss” a space develops between them that takes the shape of a heart. Swans are symbols of fertility and virility, both of which are associated with  sexuality and love.

All of the above associations are rooted in ancient history.

Heart Shaped Sparklers Shine the Love On Any Occasion

Weddings, anniversaries, and St. Valentine’s Day are all occasions where love is in the air. Make that love sparkle with the best heart shaped sparklers from ViP.

You don’t need a formal occasion to brighten someone’s day with love. All you need is a heart. . . . .shaped sparkler. Give one to someone you love as a gift and you’ll watch it burn a smile on their face.