The Best Champagne Bottle Sparklers

Best Bottle Sparklers For Clubs

Whether you’re having a party at home, or starting an event at a bar or lounge, you’re going to want to make a memorable impression. Here at VIP Sparklers, we have something for you that you won’t see at every party you go to. Our new products, champagne bottle sparklers, add brightness to every party!

VIP Sparklers

VIP Sparklers has been around for ten years now, and has dedicated our time and effort into creating amazing sparklers for every occasion. We keep our products upgraded to the best and brightest sparks so that everyone can enjoy them. No matter what our product may be, we ensure that they are safe and long lasting, so that you get more than your money’s worth. Choosing our sparklers means you’re choosing a sparkler that’s safe for parties of all kinds, and will last longer than the competitors.

Upgraded Sparklers

While most of us remember the little sparklers we played with in the summer as kids, our sparklers have been upgraded. These sparklers are safe, and not a fire hazard, meaning that you can use them indoors, provided the area is well ventilated. They’re almost smoke and ash-less, and are easily attached to any liquor bottle. Our attachments are not rubber or twist ons, they’re metal clips that are easily placed over a bottle, avoiding the risk of fire and rubber. These are guaranteed to be safer and easier to use.

The sparklers themselves have been upgraded, able to create a bright spark for up to 45 seconds, longer than any of our competitors. Our breathtaking sparks reach up to 6-8 inches, creating amazing displays of light for any occasion. With these new upgrades, anyone can enjoy our sparklers, whether you buy one or one case.

Sparkler Uses

Looking for a great sparkler, but don’t want to have to grab a bottle of alcohol to use it? Don’t worry, our sparklers cover more than just champagne bottles. You can use these for birthday cakes or simply holding them as you did when you were a child. Since they drop no ash, they’re safe to use on large cakes, and won’t need to trash the cake under it. If you just want to hold the sparkler, the clip also works on a long stick, allowing you to play with the sparkler however much you want. Hand them out to the guests at the event, set them on every bottle, or use them to decorate the DJ booth; our champagne bottle sparklers are the best!

The sparklers can be bought in quantities of 1, 4, 12, 25, 80, 160, and 240, so that you can save on larger batches. We’ve finally opened up our sparklers to the general public, so even if you just want to try out one, or are holding a small personal party, you can enjoy our product. We’ve done all we can to make our sparklers affordable and amazing, and look forward to your business. So why wait? Order now to get the best bottle sparklers on the market!