Spice up Your Event with 36 Inch Sparklers for Weddings

36 Inch Sparklers For Weddings

There is nothing quite like a wedding, but there are some weddings that are more memorable than others. For example those that use sparklers are definitely a sight to behold! The problem, however, is that sparklers at events like these have often been advocated against for various reasons. The most common reason is smoke inhalation, though with sparklers in the past there have been incidents involving fire. The issue, however, is that sparklers are simply too good looking NOT to use at such events. When it comes to finding a good set of sparklers you want to make sure that they are smoke free, long lasting, and most importantly, free of the prospect of fire. These attributes can be particularly hard to find, but we believe we have not only brought them to you, but brought them in absolute style. Let’s find out what makes our wedding cake sparklers the best in the industry.

Why to Buy Cheap Wedding Sparklers

When you purchase wedding sparklers wholesale, you always want to make sure that they are relatively safe and that they are ready to make the event. When it comes to wedding sparklers, we currently offer the following:

  • 10″ Wedding Sparklers ~ Burn time is up to 1 minute to 1 1/2
  • 20″ Wedding Sparklers ~ Burn time is up to 2 minutes to 2 1/2
  • 36″ Wedding Sparklers ~ Burn time is up to 4 minutes to 4 1/2

As you can see, you will be able to  buy cheap wedding sparklers to meet nearly any need and help spice up virtually any event. To top it off, we have created a wedding sparkler that is smokeless, easy to use, and most importantly, safe for all of your guests to use or even play with if they are inspired to do so. No matter what, however, it is important for you to make sure you have a product that is capable of burning for a considerable amount of time so that the wedding photographer will be able to ‘do their thing’ and get the photo of a lifetime.

A Once in a Lifetime Event

It is important for you and everyone else to remember that a wedding is an event that only happens once. That being the case, whether you have 20 inch wedding sparklers or any other type, you will find that you can sue them to help forge an event that is memorable, and ultimately, one that will impact your relationship for many years to come. Remember, if it doesn’t start off with a bang, it probably won’t end with a bang, or at least a sparkle. Take a look at our products today!