Sparklers for Cakes

Are you familiar with bottle sparklers? Popular nightclub and lounges use bottle sparklers to create moments of exhilaration for their VIP guests. Champagne Bottle Sparklers revolutionized bottle service and the appeal of being a VIP guest. Fortunately, Dessert Sparklers were created and serve as the “party” or “birthday” party alternative to bottle service sparklers.

Chemically, bottle sparklers and dessert/ cake sparklers are identical. The main difference lies in the length of the red tip. For bottle sparklers, the red tip does not serve a vital purpose. On the other hand, cake sparklers require a long red tip since this is the end that will be inserted into the pastry/ cake. The longer red tip found in cake sparklers allows for a secure attachment onto the pastry/ cake. Since this novelty firework will “shoot sparklers” upward, we definitely want to make sure it doesn’t fall off and damage the cake or hurt nearby guests.

Birthday Cake Sparklers

A special event we can all relate with is someone’s birthday! Family and friends are always looking for ways to make your birthday celebration even more spectacular. Birthday Cake Sparklers are the perfect item to add to the shopping list. And if you do not like the idea of replacing traditional birthday candles with sparklers (because you want the birthday boy/girl to blow out the candles and make a wish), rest assure that you can still include a birthday candle! If you’re going to use two cake sparklers at a time, we recommend placing them on opposite ends while the birthday candle sits in the center.

Instructions on how to use Sparklers for Cakes

We DO NOT recommend using traditional lighters. Even though lighters offer a strong flame,  it forces your fingertips to be extremely close to the sparkler. There is no way of predicting when the sparkles will erupt upwards, so it’s tough to move your fingers out of the way beforehand. We’ve personally lit cake sparklers with traditional lighters and though we did not get burnt in any of the trials, the sudden show of sparkles does startle you.

Matches are a better option but if you are hosting the event or party outside, it can be difficult to light a dessert sparkler. The key to lighting cake sparklers easily is to consistently hover a flame above the fuse end. The great advantage of matches is that it offers a bit of distance between the flame and your fingertips.

The BEST lighting method for cake sparklers is with the use of BBQ lighters. This item offers both advantages of traditional lighters and matches. With a BBQ lighter, you can quickly light your cake sparklers without risking the chance of being burnt or startled.


We recommend using two or three cake sparklers maximum per cake. If you have a large cake, feel free to use more but try to arrange them evenly. For traditionally sized cakes, two dessert sparklers is plenty! Each cake sparkler produces a 6-8 inch flame of sparkles, which are very bright! In order to capture a good quality image with your Android or iPhone, we recommend using a well lit room and no flash. You may need to do a bit of editing afterwards to adjust the glow on the birthday body/girl’s face, but your phone’s factory filters can easily make all the necessary adjustments with a click of a button.

Too dark of a room will give your cell phone some trouble adjusting the brightness of the image. Check out the example below:

Cake Sparklers – Safely Disposing

After the sparkles are no longer emitting from the sparkler, make sure to follow the following steps to safely dispose of them:

1- do not grab the cake sparkler by the top end. The top end of the sparkler will be very hot since all the firework composition was compacted in that region. Simply grab the sparkler by the red tip, or if the entire red tip is immersed in the cake, any immediate area above it will be perfect.

2- The sparkler will remain hot for several minutes, so make sure it is placed away from guests and children. We do not recommend throwing it in the trash while it is hot.

Our cake sparklers have a shelf life of about 1.5 years so purchasing a pack of 12 for instance, can help celebrate a few birthdays, an anniversary, valentine’s day, 4th of July, and even New Years!