Sparklers at Your Quinceanera

Using Sparklers at Your Quinceanera

  The wedding sparklers at ViP Sparklers are very popular, affordable and above all else, they are versatile. This versatility is what has really allowed the true wedding sparkler to absolutely boom in popularity in the recent years. Primarily used in weddings at receptions and bridal parties, these products also have a place in birthdays, religious holidays and cultural milestone celebrations. The Quinceañera, is a perfect example of cultural celebration. In latin and Hispanic cultures, the Quinceañera is celebrated when a young girl turns 15 years old and is recognized as a celebration welcoming her into the early stages of womanhood. Although it is agreed that the traditions of Qinceañeras originated in ancient Aztec culture, the celebrations today vary significantly across many countries including the United States. And ViP Sparklers is there to explain how their products may be meant for your daughter’s or your niece’s upcoming Quinceañera.

Event Sparklers

  Unlike in a wedding, where the wedding sparklers are mainly used during the Newlyweds’ grand wedding exit, the Quinceñera is more about entrances. We have 20-inch wedding sparklers and 36-inch wedding sparklers. These two varieties can be used for choreographed or synchronized displays and depending on a few factors, deciding between the two is easy. For big celebrations with over 100 guests, the 36-inch wedding sparklers provide a clean three and a half to four minutes of ash-less and smokeless burn time and create an adequate amount of time for guests and hired photographers to capture beautiful, glowing images. If the celebration has 50-100 invited guests or even less, then the 20-inch wedding sparkler may be right for your event. Made with the same quality as the 36 inch wedding sparkler, the 20-inch sparklers from ViP Sparklers are made using a stainless steel wire core, so the only difference here will be in duration. These products burn with a very full and bright glow because they are double dipped, creating a really thick coating on the steel wire core, which in the end is the reason why these sparklers burn the way they do.  These are the perfect sparklers for any event!  ViP Sparklers is a company you can trust for your event to bring an extra sparkle!

VIP Sparklers Offer Big Birthday Cake Sparklers

  ViP Sparklers also have another great product that your celebration could potentially benefit from. We offer club bottle sparklers to nightclubs, restaurants and lounges, but with the point red plastic tip on the bottom, they can also be used as sparkling cake toppers. We understand that there probably won’t be too many bottles roaming around your Quinceañera and even if there are, the focus wouldn’t be on the alcohol. Whether it is a wedding cake or a birthday cake, the cake presentation is always the pinnacle of the event.  Our big birthday cake bottle sparklers are perfect for these events on top of celebration cakes. Where the celebration reaches its climax and the even takes a mellow downturn thereafter. What better way is there to present the cake at your upcoming Quinceñera than to put a sparkler on your beautiful cake and desserts. You can always count on the folks at ViP Sparklers to help you choose which product is best for you and it all starts by emailing us at, so do not hesitate.