Sky Lanterns

Wedding Sendoffs

Planning a grand wedding exit requires a bit of research. With time already stretching thin, adding one more task to the list only adds stress to the bridal party. The best weddings are the personal ones; guests want to hear about your love story, and your wedding day is the perfect opportunity. With cleverly located decorations and personable details, your attending guests will be surrounded by your unique love story.

As wedding trends continue to evolve, bride and grooms experience an influx of wedding ideas. Currently, wedding exits are at the forefront of modern wedding trends. In the past, wedding sendoffs were simply a natural occurring part of a wedding; slowly, “rice throwing” became a wedding ceremony tradition celebrated by many given the simple and quick execution. Very little planning is required in “rice throwing” wedding exits.

But weddings deserve more; bride and grooms deserve the right to find an option that suits their love story. Whether they wish to showcase the spark in their romance or share an experience with their guests, make sure your wedding incorporates a grand wedding exit!

Sky Lanterns

A new wedding exit product that has slowly transitioned from festivals to weddings is a sky lantern. Also known as wish lanterns, sky lanterns have been used in huge festivals around the world with hundreds of participants all releasing floating lanterns at once. The pictures are amazing! It literally seems like a galaxy leaving your fingertips!

Sky Lanterns are miniature hot air balloons that only require a match; made with biodegradable materials (paper and thin wiring), the secret behind wish lanterns is the flame. Once lit, make sure to keep your sky lantern wide open with ample space for the flame to burn.

Sky Lanterns For Sale

What is the meaning of sky lanterns? Symbolic products have a special place in our hearts; we love great products, but we absolutely love great, meaningful products. In the spirit of weddings, symbolic wedding products and favors are priceless. For that reason, floating lanterns are regarded with high value. A simple way to describe the meaning of sky lanterns is to refer them as wish lanterns. Customers will share a very special preparatory experience when choosing to have a sky lantern wedding exit. Once your wish lanterns are ready to be released, make a wish. Make sure you instruct all of your attending guests about this unique tradition.

Sky Lanterns require minimal planning. If you have a DJ at the wedding, ask to use his/her microphone to offer a step by step live instruction. The basics are pretty simple:

1- open the sky lantern
2- move it around to fill it with air
3- place it upside down
4- secure the fuel and light it
5- after a few seconds, flip the sky lantern and hold it at two different angles
6- once the lantern fills with hot air, hold it by the base
7- make and wish and release it
For more detailed instructions, please read the instructions printed on the sky lantern package.

Chinese Lanterns


Currently, we only offer Eclipse Chinese Sky Lanterns. In other words, they are traditional white paper lanterns in the shape of rounded edge rectangle. We are working hard to expand our Chinese lantern inventory and include Heart Sky Lanterns, Diamond Sky Lanterns, and Colored Sky Lanterns. VIP Sparklers is actively seeking to include the best quality floating lanterns with fire retardant paper.

Wholesale Sky Lanterns

For venues or large events, we are happy to offer wholesale sky lantern prices. If you are considering purchasing more than 200 sky lanterns, please feel free to contact us to inquire about our bulk Chinese lantern prices. We also offer free shipping for wholesale lantern purchases with an option to upgrade shipping for a discounted price. Customers can choose from a variety of shipping options ranging from 2 to 5 business days or save at least $25.00 when choosing our free shipping method. If choosing free shipping, please keep in mind our extended delivery time (9-14 business days).

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