Rudnet Wedding Sparkler Story

Our Wedding Story

It’s as if destiny smiled upon us and said, “just like you two, I’ve been patiently waiting for this moment.” When we first met, it simply felt familiar. It’s tough to explain an emotion, but it’s so much easier to give into it, and we did exactly that. We each climbed our own mountains, cried in the rain, and gave up on love in the past. Believing that all of our downs prepared us for each other is an absolute unfathomable truth.

I will never forget the day we confessed our love. Alex said, “I live to love you. When we watch the night sky, I no longer look for a shooting star. Your love makes me feel fearless baby.” He was speaking directly to my heart, to the love inside me. The drum in my chest played to the beat of his heart. His words were the lyrics to the love song I knew existed but couldn’t manage to find. I sang along as if I’ve heard this song a million times. In the moment, my tears kept me silent, reminding me that they were as moved as I was. I struggled to express my happiness even though this moment was the moment of relief we all search for, knowing we found the missing piece in our lives. I was mesmerized by the balance of gentleness and confidence in his words. His love appeared secure yet vulnerable, willing to take any risk to pursue what it wants.

It would be cruel for someone to go a lifetime without knowing this feeling. Your eyes get used to seeing, your ears get used to hearing, but your love never gets used to the feeling of knowing someone wholeheartedly loves you. Unconditional love is a concept so pure that it is completely detached from anything we are used to; we are so used to being cautious, ambivalent, and wary of EVERYTHING! Unconditional love is the kind of love that doesn’t think; it’s the kind of love that simply acts; it’s the kind of love that sincerely commits to its purpose without any doubt; it’s a proud love, an instinctive love, a love that takes years of rooting within us before we are able to express it.

Our wedding day was the best day of our lives thus far. The staff at “Lavan Negro” was phenomenal! Our guests were serviced with a warm smile and any requests were professionally resolved. Our wedding photographer captured amazing pictures, so a HUGE shout out to Michael Goldbery from Digital Gold Photography. He added to the numerous, beautiful memories we have from our special day.

Wedding Sparkler Exit

Having a sparkler exit was a last minute decision suggested by a close friend attending the wedding. We are so happy we made this choice! It really created a moment of adventure and exhilaration ! No one expected to be enjoying sparklers at a wedding! Thank you VIP Sparklers for helping us choose a budget friendly package and making sure it arrived in time! I have this exact picture of wedding sparklers sitting next to our bed.