Popular Wedding Sparkler Questions

Popular Wedding Sparkler Questions

Common Wedding Sparkler Questions

We gathered the most popular wedding sparkler questions based on customer requests and wedding community forums. Our team compiled the best answers to your sparkler questions.

Why should I buy from ViP Sparklers?

This is the easiest question.  VIP Sparklers is one of the only companies to offer a true wedding sparkler that is virtually smokeless and ash-less.  These sparklers are specifically made for wedding exit and the pictures they produce will leave you speechless.  We also offer the best prices on the market and work with the brides until the final spark goes out.  Please feel free to reach us with any questions or concerns.

How Do I Order Wedding Sparklers?

Please feel free to order our products directly online at www.vipsparklers.net or by calling our main offices at 1-800-305-4737 or even reach us at sales@vipsparklers.net.  We have one of the fastest response times for any sparkler company when it comes to social media!  Feel free to drop us a message at anytime with our ViP Sparklers social media options!

When Are You Open?

You can consider us open 24/7 for all of your sparkler needs!  We always try to answer all questions as soon as possible!  Closed mouths don’t get fed!  We encourage all questions and comments.

How Do I Pay For Sparklers?

ViP Sparklers accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, and even checks for all wedding sparkler orders.

Most Popular Wedding Sparklers?

36 Inch Wedding Sparklers happen to be our most popular exit sparklers for multiple reasons.  They are the longest wedding sparklers on the market which means they also have the longest burn time of approximately four minutes.  Due to the length of these 36 inch wedding sparklers the newlyweds walk under these sparklers as they exit so they produce the best wedding pictures.

What Wedding Sparkler Size Do We Prefer?

This all depends on a couple factors relative to the wedding party size.  With over ten years of experience we have can without a doubt tell you the best wedding pictures are produced with the 36 inch sparklers.  However, the 20 inch sparklers are the ideal size for medium sized weddings.  If your in need of indoor sparklers you can’t forget about our premium sparklers as well.

How Far Ahead Of Time Should I Order Sparklers?

We always recommend ordering your sparklers ahead of time as the shelf life for sparklers are well over two years. As long as you keep your wedding sparklers in a dry and cool location while keeping them away from getting wet you will have no issues.  Please keep in mind orders ship ground and can take 3-7 business days depending on your location.  When checking out you will see the estimated time of delivery for your exact location.  ViP Sparklers will always try and guarantee your sparklers will arrive before your event.  If you are under time constraints when placing an order for your sparklers please contact us via phone or email.

How Do You Light The Sparklers?

When dealing with the 36 & 20 inch wedding sparklers you will find lighting them with a match to be rather difficult.  We recommend using barbecue lighters or butane lighters when lighting up the sparklers in the beginning.  Once you have a couple sparklers lit you can easily touch the lit sparklers with a couple of the unlit sparklers each time and have all of the wedding sparklers sparkling in no time.  On average you can have 100 sparklers lit in thirty seconds very easily.

Shipping Info

We use FedEx for all orders on ViP Sparklers which allows the customer to have a tracking number to monitor the entire time.  We have found FedEx to be much more reliable when delivery sparklers compared to UPS which majority of our competitors use.  Another advantage of us using FedEx is we have the ability to delivery your sparklers on a Saturday instead of just the typical Monday through Friday.  Consider this just an extra day early for you to receive your products from ViP Sparklers!

Are Sparklers Safe?

If used responsibly sparklers are extremely safe.  If being used by children please use adult supervision.  Every wedding sparkler box has the warning, “caution, flammable for outdoor use only.” We recommend you hold in hand with arm extended from the body.  Please keep lit end or sparks away from apparel and other flammable material.

Will Sparklers Burn My Wedding Dress?

As mentioned above you need to be careful when using wedding sparklers and to keep the sparkler extended from your body.  We have happily served over 15,000 brides on their wedding day and have yet to have one issue with anyones attire and especially the most important dress of them all.  Please always remember to use sparklers responsibly.

How Do I Return Sparklers?

ViP Sparklers stands behind our product, if you are not satisfied with your wedding sparklers please contact us directly at our main offices or email us at sales@vipsparklers.net

Should I Order Matches For The Sparklers?

We love when brides have tiny custom matchboxes with their wedding sparklers all tied together.  However, please keep in mind if you choose to use the longer 20 or 36 inch wedding sparklers we recommend using lighters as it can be rather difficult with ordinary matches.

Do I Need Wedding Punks?

Wedding punks are not necessary for the lighting process of sparklers although they do make it much quicker and easier.  Wedding punks have an extremely slow burn time and you can easily touch them with the unlit sparklers to quickly get them lit and all set up.

What Color Are The Sparklers?

Since we only sell true wedding sparklers they made with a steel core they look silver when unlit.  However when they are sparkling they give off an incredible gold aura.  ViP Sparklers is proud to offer some of the brightest glowing sparklers on the market.

Do Sparklers Come In Other Colors?

Yes they do, however we absolutely do not recommend any other color options.  The chemical composition to create other colors than gold cause the sparklers to give off a tremendous amount of smoke and even product a strong sulfur smell which result in anything but a grand wedding exit.

Do We Sell Wooden Sparklers?

We do not sell sparklers with a wooden core as they product entirely too much smoke which result in poor pictures.  You also have an issue with burn times not being consistent due to wood density on each sparkler.  Under no circumstances should you ever use wooden sparklers for anything wedding related.

Do You Offer Wholesale Discounts?

We do offer wholesale wedding sparkler discounts if we work directly with a wedding venue or planner on a regular basis.  Please feel free to reach out to us and we can absolutely give you a quote on a large quantity of sparklers.

Do You Offer Sample Sparklers?

Unfortunately all of our wedding sparklers are prepackaged in sleeves.  We do offer a return if you are not satisfied with the sparklers upon receiving them for any reason.

We hope we were able to answer your popular wedding sparkler questions! For more answers to your sparkler questions, please make sure to check out our blogs.

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