Nightclub VIP Experience


Welcome to ViP Sparklers! We have been a part of the nightclub industry for 10 years and are proud to have been a part of thousands of events. We feel so much joy seeing guests have so much fun with our products! We have been invited to many events throughout the United States and supply products to bars, lounges and nightclubs. Everyone deserves the VIP experience!

Our selection of nightclub products begin with our famous Champagne Bottle Sparklers. Bottle Sparklers have been a very popular product for bars, lounges, and especially nightclubs. Our nightclub sparklers immediately enhance the experience of customers and most definitely capture the essence of being a VIP! For any venue that cannot host bottle sparklers, we also offer LED products for fantastic bottle service shows!


Given the popularity of our wedding sparklers, we recently launched our Wholesale Champagne Bottle Sparklers package. Customers can enjoy savings of up to $140.00 when choosing to buy bulk sparklers! Often referred as bottle sparklers or nightclub sparklers, champagne bottle sparklers erupt with a “sparkle flame” of up to 8 inches tall and last roughly 45 seconds. With minimal smoke, our sparklers are top quality nightclub products that will not trigger smoke alarms (certain restrictions apply). Our wholesale bottle sparkler quantities include 500 sparklers & 50 safety clips or 1,000 sparklers & 100 safety clips.

nightclub products

For anyone seeking to purchase smaller quantities for private events or working within a budget, customers are welcomed to purchase nightclub sparklers at quantities of 12, 25, 80, 160, 240, and 400. Customers or venues also have the option of adding safety bottle clips to their order. Safety bottle clips are used in conjunction with bottle sparklers to ensure proper use and display. Though not commonly used in this fashion, our sparklers can also be handheld in leu of being place on champagne bottles. If used as such, the sparkler must be held by the base (entire red tip area as well as about 1.5 inches into the sparkler cylinder) and aimed upwards, away from the body or face. Customers can capture some of the best pictures when handling our bottle sparklers given the glow of each sparkler. Using bottle sparklers during private parties such as beach parties are great environments for bottle sparklers.

Dessert Sparklers

Dessert Sparklers are an extravagant item that adds a twist to birthday candles. Similar to the effect of bottle sparklers, dessert sparklers erupt with bright, gold sparkles! Also referred as birthday cake sparklers and wedding cake sparklers, customers can insert the red tip of the dessert sparkler into their cake or dessert without any worries of it tipping over once lit. Customers simply need a match or lighter to light the dessert sparkler to fully enjoy roughly 40 seconds of bright sparkles glowing during the day or night! Guests also have the option of holding the dessert sparklers; we simply encourage everyone to aim the sparkler upwards and away from face or body (of yourself and anyone near by). Make sure your guests are ready to capture amazing pictures (no flash necessary).


If your venue or city does not allow bottle sparklers, ViP Sparklers offers a few alternatives. Our LED Strobe Batons are one of our top-tier LED products. With 3 different pulsing options to choose from, Nightclub LED Batons are elegant, bright products perfect for lounges, bars, and nightclubs. Guaranteed to attract everyone’s eyes, Club LED Batons are a great alternative to sparklers! The sleek design includes a secure, adjustable strap so host/ hostess or waiters/ waitresses can “wear” the LED strobe baton without any fear of dropping it. With the aid of 6 AAA batteries, customers can enjoy many hours of use from a single set of batteries.

LED Bottle Sparklers are a more affordable option and another great alternative to bottle sparklers. LED Sparklers offer 7 different pulsing functions and are slim enough to be used with our safety bottle clips. Customers have the option of using up to three safety bottle clips and thus attaching up to 3 nightclub led sparklers on each bottle. Venues and customers can enjoy this LED nightclub sparkler when ordering bottle service! Venues can use this product continuously and simply replace the batteries once it wears out. Both our LED Strobe Batons and LED Bottle Sparklers offer white lights.

nightclub LED foam sticks

If you’re seeking color in your LED products, our Club Glow Necklaces and LED Foam Sticks are a great option! Glow Sticks glow in one solid color but each package of 25 or 50 includes roughly four different colors. On the other hand, each LED Foam Stick (battery operated) glows in red, white, and green. Popular clubs such as LIV MIAMI are known for their LED parties. Customers have the option of selecting a single color or all three colors.

ViP Sparklers is proud to offer some of the most in-demand nightclub and event products in the industry. We are consistently adding trending products to our inventory such as our LED Menu and Sound-activated Rave glasses! ViP Sparklers is the entertainment company your party and venue has been searching for! Everyone deserves the VIP experience!