New Champagne Bottle Sparklers

New Champagne Bottle Sparklers

ViP Sparklers has been in the sparkler business for over fifteen years and we are always ahead of the curve in offering the best possible bottle sparklers for all events. Our champagne bottle sparklers are currently being used in over five hundred of clubs or lounges on a regular basis. When we started using champagne bottle sparklers in our original city of Miami, Florida it was a huge hit. We soon opened more offices throughout the biggest cities of New York City, Los Angeles, and Dallas. These bottle sparklers just started with bottle service in the nightclubs, but quickly became used by lounges, bars, restaurants, and events. Our bottle sparklers are safe for all indoor and outdoor events big or small! We are even happy to announce our champagne bottle sparklers safety bottle clips!

Longer Lasting Bottle Sparklers For Nightclubs

We have now upgraded our champagne bottle sparklers or now commonly known as bottle sparklers with a longer burn time and even less smoke. These new champagne bottle sparklers have a burn time of 45 to 55 seconds. All of our bottle sparklers competitors can only offer a burn time of 30 seconds, which we feel leaves the customers rushed and with not enough time to enjoy the effect the champagne bottle sparkler creates.

ViP Sparklers champagne bottle sparklers have also increased the size of the sparkler effect as well. Our champagne bottle sparklers have a sparkler effect that is nearly twice the size of any sparkler company on the market. These bottle sparklers will leave you and your customers with a lasting impression to come back to your venue or event again. ViP Sparklers is happy to offer our champagne bottle sparklers to the public and not only to clubs and lounges. We allow all of our customers to feel ViP.

ViP Sparklers offers our champagne bottle sparklers in small quantities of six sparklers, twelve sparklers, and twenty-five champagne bottle sparklers. We want to make sure that even if you want to use these champagne bottle sparklers in a small event you can! If you ever have any questions about our champagne bottle sparklers or bottle sparklers please do not hesitate to contact our main offices or email us at