Need Wedding Cake Sparklers?  VIP Wedding Sparklers are the perfect choice!

Cake Sparklers Are Perfect For Weddings

A wedding is stressful enough without having to consider all of the ways you want to mark those special moments, and make sure they live on in memories for a lifetime.  You want something that will catch attention, draw a certain amount of awe that goes beyond just the bride and groom, but specifically to that moment.  You want to create a mental picture to last for a lifetime, enhancing each and every wedding photo captured. You also want to be safe.

As with our other sparkler options, the VIP wedding sparklers are smokeless and ash-less, making them safe for both indoor and outdoor venues. Getting married on the beach? No problem. Now you can hand out sparklers to your guests without any fear of the wind carrying a spark to burn another guest or start a fire in driftwood. You can easily use our wedding sparklers to create a tunnel for the happy newlyweds to walk down – without smoke compromising the quality of a picture they may be hoping to snag. These sparklers are by far the best indoor wedding sparklers, and our fabulous reviews prove it! No matter how you plan to use these, you will certainly light up your day in perfect clarity. Or maybe you are looking for cake sparklers?


How do I know what to choose?

We also have our sparklers in a variety of sizes, making this the perfect sparkler to customize your order for all ages and uses.  For our simpler uses or smaller guests, we have easy to use 10 inch sparklers, with a burn time of 1 – 1.5 minutes. They are perfect for your younger guests who wish to be a part of the celebration.  Our 20 inch wedding sparklers can be great for a cake or dessert, lasting for 2 – 2.5 minutes. However, our main sparkler is the 36 inch sparklers for weddings.  These are marvelous sparklers, with an approximate 4 minute burn time.  This allows you and your guests perfect amounts of time to light a sparkler and capture a multitude of pictures – all of which will not be rushed and will turn out beautifully. Instead of having to search through multiple hurried pictures to find those rare gems, you’ll now be able to take your pick of perfectly lit and attention grasping photos. Each memory can be captured exactly as it happens, without excess planning or staging.

Where can I buy these Sparklers?

Our wedding sparklers for sale are easy to find, and even easier to order in our variety of sizes.  Simply visit and click on our tab for wedding sparklers.  You will be able to choose how many sparklers you want in each size, ensuring that you get exactly what you hoped for.  There is no gambling for high quality product – we are proud to offer some of the best indoor sparklers for weddings, and are here to help make your special day even more memorable for everyone.  Your wedding will be a thing to remember for many years to come.