Make Any Photo Op Better with 36 Inch Sparklers for Weddings

36 inch Sparklers for Weddings

Have you ever been at a reception where the exit winds up being a moment of mass chaos that passes before sparklers are ever lit? Or, it’s completely engulfed in smoke, leaving the bride and groom choking down the line – eyes burning, photos ruined? This is obviously a less than ideal scenario, and one that occurs all too often with average sparklers. We at VIP Sparklers have seen this happen one too many times, and for that reason, we’re proud to present our brilliant 36 inch sparklers for weddings. When you choose these, you won’t have to worry about moments of chaos, smoke hazed exits, burning eyes or ruined pictures! How will our sparklers make your pictures even better? Three reasons is really all you need…

Photos Will Reveal ALL Sparklers Lit

Part of the wonder and awe with sparklers lies simply in their beauty… the romance of hundreds of tiny sparks and flames pointed in the direction of the couple of the night, breaking up the darkness in a magnificently dynamic way as they make their way towards their exit. Photos should reveal all sparkler’s lit for full effect, right? The problem is, in most exit lines, standard length sparklers either don’t all get lit before the bride and groom has made it to the getaway vehicle, or they’ve all been lit and half have burnt out by the time the bride and groom has made it all the way through. It’s quite simple: in order for every sparkler to be lit and remain lit for the duration of the line and for the pictures, our 36 inch sparklers are the way to go.

Photos Will Reveal a Bride and Groom in Clear Air

The photographer, not to mention the bride and groom and the guests, all want clean, clear air for the moment of the exit. Excessive smoke doesn’t ever make for a great picture, nor does it make for a great experience with for lungs, either. Ideal for a photographer is a bride and groom with dimly lit faces in the midst of an otherwise dark evening, with a tiny bit of highlighted smoke (no where near any faces) for effect. To have smoke that clogs up a picture and gets in the way of facial expressions is not at all what you want! Our 36 inch sparklers will burn long past the time the bride and groom leave, meaning the smoke won’t start until later, either.

Photos Will Reveal Eyes Open

Smoke in the eyes is never a fun thing! Not only is it painful, it causes runny make up and closed eyes in pictures. The wedding getaway is traditional and fun, and most couples usually treasure those photos for years to come. What’s to treasure if everyone’s eyes are closed for the pictures? Our 36 inch sparklers will ensure that smoke doesn’t violate the senses of bride, groom, photographer or guests, and that the photos have subjects with clear, open eyes… not closed or squinty eyes.

Sparklers do make a huge difference with the exit… they’ll make or break the entire experience. Standard sparkler’s won’t just keep the experience from being great, they’ll likely make the experience a bad one all around. Ensure that your photographs are as great as they can be by ensuring that our 36 inch sparklers land in the hands of all of your guests for your reception exit! Choose VIP Sparklers to ensure the best deals on wedding sparklers wholesale!