Liquor Bottle Sparklers

Parties Featuring the Best Sparklers for Bottles

They say the people make the party, and it is true to a point, but you also have to consider the various ‘party favors’ that you might or might not have present. One of the most amazing party favors you can have however, believe it or not, is the sparkler. Obviously you’ll have to be planning a pretty big event for sparklers to be in order, but we have plenty of those in our lives. Graduations, weddings, bar mitzvahs, all of these are appropriate. Never mind the event though, let’s talk about sparkers!

Practicing Safe Sparkling

Sparklers will typically emit a spray that fires about six to eight inches in the air, lasting about forty-five seconds. These are outstanding for both bottles and cakes, helping to provide you with a night that you will never forget. The best part about sparklers is that they are absolutely and perfectly safe, even when it comes to smoke. Smokeless indoor champagne sparklers for sale will be a big hit at parties, and an inexpensive way of providing a few seconds of entertainment.

In the interest of practicing ‘safe sparkling’ it is strong recommended that you  look into safety clips so that you may attach your sparklers to any surface. There was a time in the not so distance past (sparklers have been around for at least a century), that rubber bands, or other unreliable methods are used to ensure the sparklers  were ‘attached’ to the proper surface.

This, however, is unsafe. There would always be a chance for the sparkler to come loose and become a hazard. With sparkler clips however, you longer need to rely on rubber bands or twist-offs. Instead, you can use these highly efficient clips, providing you with much needed peace of mind, no matter how out of control the party becomes.

Different Sizes for Different Occasions

Sparklers come in many different shapes  and sizes. From those suited for bottles, to the ones you would much rather see on a birthday cake. They can be purchased either in bulk or in small packages depending upon the event for which you are preparing. Interestingly enough, the line between birthdays and wild celebrations has been blurred dramatically, as many of the hottest celebrations now use liquor bottle sparklers instead of candles, even for the birthday cake!

As you can see, special occasions, which are already interesting by themselves, can become far more interesting if you just add something as simple as a sparker(s) to the equation. At nearly any party, no matter what the theme, there is always a desire for excitement, and perhaps a light desire for some entry level pyromania. The right sparklers, whether in bottles or on cake can provide that sense of excitement without the associated danger. It’s time for you to throw a party that will be remembered for many years to come, whether it is in a nightclub, a backyard, or the middle of a parking lot.