Invention Of The Wedding Sparkler

How The Wedding Sparkler Was Invented

After countless hours of digging and researching the beginning of the wedding sparkler, ViP Sparklers learned that, according to history, it was the Chinese culture that made the discover and eventually began manufacturing this type of wedding accessory. Fifteen centuries have have passed since their inception, and after immediately spreading in popularity, they are still a top priority accessory that is considered for every celebration big or small. In addition to being worldwide hit instantly, the sparkler grew as a must­ have for all 4th of July celebrations in the United States and New Years Eve and not long after, the wedding reception. Wedding planners and event coordinators everywhere began to search for an edge over each other with sparklers that burned cleaner and longer and sparkled even brighter. In no time, the market established it’s first two types of true wedding sparklers. The first, was referred to as the 20 inch wedding sparklers, and to be clear, this is because they are roughly 20 inches long. while the next innovation, was the #36 wedding sparkler which is approximately 36 inches long and offers a much longer burn time.  With these advancements to the types of sparklers on the market, it did not take long for these two specific size sparklers to find a niche of their own in the wedding industry.  The fact is, that those two sizes became the most popular size sparklers for weddings and other types of celebrations, but ViP Sparklers took it one step further and made sure that the sparklers being offered to you are not only acceptable in length and size, but they make sure that their products are made with a stainless steel wire core and have all been made using a double­ dipping process. This means that the products provided by these wedding sparkler savants will sparkle in an ash­-less and smokeless manner. Their 20­inch wedding sparkler is guaranteed to burn for approximately two and a half minutes, while their 36 inch wedding sparkler will provide close to four minutes of glowing and magical sparkle, every time. And unlike other competitors’ wooden or bamboo based sparklers, the wedding sparklers from ViP Sparklers will not produce undesired smoke, ash, nor odor.

Wedding Sparklers Becoming Increasingly Popular

The reason why wedding sparklers were immediately embraced by wedding planners and potential brides and grooms alike, is because the sparkler was already associated and connected with memorable celebrations.  Then­ new 20 ­inch and 36 ­inch were immediately categorized as wedding sparklers. Clearly the most popular way to exit weddings, the sparkler have replaced the old fashioned “rice­ throwing” as the norm when walking out of the chapel. Ribbons and confetti poppers will always be around as options, but nothing has and nothing will set the scene like a choreographed exit involving wedding sparklers. The newlyweds will only be making their grand exit once and they will only have one opportunity to leap into their future together and wedding sparklers just speak for themselves in terms of being the top option when commemorating this moment. We have honestly stopped counting how many brides have contacted us after the wedding, telling us the best pictures of their wedding night took place with our wedding sparklers.  Being discussed by people everywhere, from you to me to even Oprah Winfrey, to being showcased in the most popular of bridal magazines across the country, ViP Sparklers has been at the forefront of the wedding industry for over ten years and has no intention on going anywhere.  We offer all three popular wedding sparkler sizes, such as the 36 ­inch wedding sparkler, the 20­ inch wedding sparkler, and even the 10­ inch wedding sparkler; so the bottom line is that there is really no reason nor excuse to not contact us with any of your sparkler needs and requirements.

ViP Wedding Sparklers

ViP Sparklers is alone at the top of the line in terms of wedding sparklers and there are very few other companies that are even a close second option. Of those few, only a few of those offer a true wedding sparkler, so you must use extreme caution. You will want to ensure that you are only using sparklers made with a stainless steel wire core and not made using wood or bamboo. These wooden varieties give off an excess amount of smoke and will produce an undesired odor as well.  Our promise at ViP Sparklers is to take every brides order with the utmost importance and will stay in contact with the bride or groom every step of the way until the final sparkler fizzles out. We know that every bride fantasizes about having the perfect exit at the end of their wedding night and it is a common goal of ours to make sure we help each one achieve this feat. If you ever have any questions, big or small, our staff will help you pick the ideal wedding sparkler package that is appropriate for your wedding size, your venue, and help you use them in the exact same way in which you intended on using them. ViP Sparklers treats every individual wedding order differently and we want to make sure that you have the exact sparkler that fits your wedding plans, so don’t second guess any part of your wedding and email us at