Inexpensive Wedding Favors

Inexpensive Wedding Sparkler Favors

Brides and grooms­ to ­be that are planning their own weddings should always consider buying wedding and reception favors early on to avoid last minute scrambles. We also understand that this is not always the case, since there are hundreds, if not thousands, of minor details to account for. This is the main reason why at ViP Sparklers, we urge wedding planners to keep as much stress off you as possible by keeping things organized. We have a wide variety of wedding favors to help you and your event, even at the last moment. We can offer ground shipping for guaranteed arrival within three to five business days and can even provide you with the option of express shipping for even shorter delivery times. Wedding favors are ordered to from us with the purpose of adding fun and excitement to your wedding, creating more moments, so we have composed a list of a couple of wedding favors to keep in mind, which are budget savvy as well.  We’ve compiled a lists of our most popular wedding favors such as our wedding sparklers, sky lanterns, rose petal poppers, and wedding poppers!

Wedding Sparklers At ViP Sparklers

Wedding Sparklers are exciting and fun, but they also add a touch of class to your wedding night.  By having a wedding sparkler display or having them displayed on your reception tables, you immediately create a different atmosphere. They make a great last minute wedding favor and will help inspire some glowing and glamorous photos at the end of the night. ViP Sparklers carries wedding sparklers in sizes of 10, 20, and 36 inches to help offer options to how you will want your wedding night remembered.  Our 36 inch wedding sparklers happen to be our most popular wedding sparklers.  Due to these sparklers being so long they help create a tunnel exit for the newlyweds at the very end of the night.  Using wedding sparklers at end of the night is a great way to get the wedding party together one last time at the end of the night to celebrate the newlyweds before they go off into their honeymoon.  At ViP Sparklers we carry multiple sizes of wedding sparklers depending on your wedding size.  We take the time to make sure your wedding has the proper wedding sparklers as every wedding is unique and independent.  If you ever have any questions pertaining to our wedding sparklers do not hesitate to call our offices as we have a full staff knowledgable in sparklers.

Sky Lanterns For Sale

Sky Lanterns are an item that will help make moments that can be remembered for a lifetime.  While being a very quick and inexpensive option, this a very fun and hands-on way for guests to be involved in your event. Seeing many of these set off into the horizon is an event that should be seen and experienced by all. They come with everything you need and the only thing your wedding guests would have to do is unfold and light the candle.  We have seen some amazing photo’s from our brides who incorporated wedding sparklers and sky lanterns and they were photo’s to remember!

Rose Petal Wedding Poppers

We understand that wedding sparklers are not always the most suitable option so we wanted to alert you of additional ways to create fun and magic through wedding favors. Aside from the Sky Lanterns, we have also created our rose petal wedding poppers. By using just 4­6 of these during the couple’s fairy tale exit, it will allow the newlyweds to be showered with rose petals, which surely create a special atmosphere.  This is a nice and unique twist instead of using shooters instead of typical confetti and streamers.  If you every have any questions about our wedding sparklers to sky lanterns let us know.