Indoor Smokeless Sparklers for Weddings are Safer than the Alternative

The old-fashioned sparklers were and are a kid favorite on the Fourth of July, and while you might still like these, why not grow up and graduate to some better safer sparklers?

What Are Sparklers Made Of?

The typical Fourth of July sparklers are made using either a bamboo stick or a thin metal rod. These sparklers are generally 12 inches long and coated in a “batter” of pyrotechnic materials including a metallic substance such as aluminum to create sparks and potassium nitrate or chlorate for fuel.

But there are safety issues with the traditional sparklers. Statistics show that sparkler injuries account for 16 percent of all injuries caused by fireworks. In a 2003 study, sparklers were responsible for 57 percent of these types of injuries in children under the age of five. The combination of high temperatures and a short wire handle that keeps the hand very close to the heat and sparks contributes to injuries sustained from sparklers. But there is a better way.

Best Wedding Sparklers

Urban legends abound on the Internet of wedding dress disasters caused by a firestorm of chunks of falling sparklers, but like other urban legends, this one, while not technically true contains some elements of truth. Poor quality traditional sparklers made for outdoor use only and recommended to be used with non-flammable gloves when burning could very well cause issues of burnt dresses and tuxedos, clouds of smoke and falling ash.

VIP wedding sparklers are none of those things and will not cause any damages. Some companies selling wedding sparklers advise outdoor use only with “discretion “and also advise when creating a “sparkler tunnel” for the grand finale that the happy couple should not pass directly underneath the sparklers but that partygoers should be placed far enough apart for the reason of avoiding sparks. However, our wedding sparklers are made to be used indoors and out and are guaranteed to be 99.9 percent smoke-free with virtually no ash. Because these wedding sparklers are created specifically for wedding use, they are made of high-quality steel sticks. This makes for a very safe sparkler.

Indoor Smokeless Sparklers for Weddings

The steel core is the same reason wedding sparklers are virtually smoke-free and release no sparks to burn either clothing or hands. Incidentally, the tiny bit of smoke generated when lighting these sparklers is also non-toxic; therefore, there is no danger when inhaled. In fact, VIP sparklers are so safe they can even be used on wedding or birthday cakes in lieu of candles.

There are other companies selling wedding sparklers, but VIP is a fan favorite and offers incomparable value with extraordinary customer service. That’s why VIP is the best.  Do not be fooled by other company’s advertising that purports that other wedding sparklers are inferior. However, to satisfy your need to know, feel free to investigate and compare our sparklers to others. We guarantee you will be 100 percent satisfied with your order or we will make it right. Don’t have an ordinary wedding, have a VIP wedding!