I have a romantic occasion coming up, what can I do?

 Make Your Romantic Occasion Special with Sparklers

When you have a special someone in your life that you want to impress or just want to take an evening to make them feel special a great inexpensive way to do it is with our indoor smokeless heart shaped sparklers. They are great for any special occasion you are planning. Imagine the surprise in your lovers eyes when you surround her with sparks that are shaped like hearts. She will not be able to resist you and isn’t that what you are going for? Since our Heart shaped sparklers are smoke free you can use them just about anywhere. How about in your bedroom to make the room filled with romantic lighting. Do you have plans for a roof top dinner? What would make a better centerpiece then a bright heart lighting up the table. Where ever you choose to host your evening these will take it from zero to sixty.

Looking for a unique idea for the guest of honor?

It is a given that when you are at something as special as a wedding there will be pictures. How often do you find yourself looking at wedding photos and seeing the same stuff every time? Why not change things up and create a unique experience with your loved ones. Indoor smokeless heart shaped sparklers can be handed out to your maid of honor and bridesmaid to lighten up a photo with the beautiful bride. You can easily incorporate the groomsmen into the photo as well. We often hear about brides looking for new ideas when it comes to what their bridesmaids carry down the aisle. How about ditching the flowers and lighting up the walkway with indoor smokeless heart shaped sparklers. These heart shaped sparklers are eye catching and romantic. They are perfect for an evening wedding when you want soft dim lighting to add a special touch to the mood.

The ideas are endless with heart shaped sparklers.

When it comes to switching things up or adding a special touch to make a romantic impact, indoor smokeless heart shaped sparklers will never let you down. It will bring a new and creative change to something that is a borrowed tradition like a stunning wedding. The idea of lining your aisle way with a beautiful array of heart shaped sparklers will put a smile on any hopeless romantics face instantly. If you are looking for “oohs” and “ahhs” there is no better way to achieve it then with our indoor smokeless heart shaped sparklers. The possibilities are endless when it comes to lighting up your evening and event with a spectacular, romance geared show. Forget the rice! Have your guest show you off to your perfect first night together as a married couple holding these indoor smokeless heart shaped sparklers as you run past the well wishers. Watch the smiles on your family and friends faces as they wave goodbye to the two of you lit up by sparklers meant to celebrate love.