How to Time Stunning Indoor Smokeless Champagne Sparklers at your Wedding

Indoor Champagne Bottle Sparklers For Weddings

Wedding season is fast approaching and we at ViP Sparklers are ready to supply all the sparklers you need for your wedding. We now have wedding sparklers available to the general public as well as bulk order capability for wedding planners and party organizers. With sparklers becoming one of the hottest wedding trends in a long time, ViP is ready to supply your wedding with all the sparklers and fun you desire. With a huge line of wedding supplies that include heart shaped wedding sparklers and champagne bottle sparklers you can incorporate sparklers into your wedding and reception and light up the world on your big day.

There are some things to consider when you plan to use champagne bottle sparklers. First of all, invest in bottle clips to make it easy and safe to use the champagne bottle sparklers. Secondly, you should know how to time stunning indoor smokeless champagne sparklers at your wedding so everything runs smoothly and beautifully.

Champagne Bottle Sparklers

ViP is the company you need to supply all your wedding sparkler needs including champagne bottle sparklers. You don’t want to miss out on this on trend wedding feature that helps you celebrate the most important day of your life. Our sparklers are cost effective and can be order in increments that fit any size wedding. A toast with champagne bottle sparklers takes your reception to the next level of fantastic! Strategically place a champagne bottle at each table and attach a bottle clip (also available from ViP) and a sparkler. Make sure there is one person seated in reach of each bottle who knows there job is to light the sparkler, and have a signal as to when to light the sparkler.

In the planning stage, do a couple of practice runs with a pretend toast and decide when you want your sparklers lit. This assist you in knowing exactly how long it will take to light the sparkler and how long it will last. Our sparklers consistently burn for up to 45 seconds with no smoke or ash to worry about. Once you know when you want them lit and who will be doing the lighting, you are ready to have the most spectacular toast you have ever seen. Watch lovely sparks shoot six to eight inches in the air as you toast your new marriage and your journey into a new life.

Where Can I Buy Bottle Sparklers?

You may be asking, “Where can I buy bottle sparklers?” At ViP Sparklers we have you covered! Visit our website today at where you can browse our many products for weddings or any other party you may have on the horizon. You can also call us at 800-305-4737 and speak with a friendly customer service representative. With over ten years’ experience, a commitment to customer satisfaction, and the best prices and quality for sparklers on the market today, you won’t be sorry you let us take care of all your sparkler needs!