How To Check For Wedding Sparkler Quality

Checking Your Wedding Sparklers For Quality

The main difference between sparklers can be found in the amount of smoke and ash it produces once ignited; the amount of smoke and ash produced actually originate from the “stem” of the sparkler. Customers oftentimes ask us about the quality of our sparklers since there aren’t any reviews for sparklers. We researched and read hundreds upon hundreds of comments from bride and grooms about sparklers but no one really explained or reviewed the sparkler itself.

We consider this an opportunity to review our own sparklers in comparison to other sparklers we encountered. Though not a formal sparkler review, we will describe exactly why our sparklers are of top quality and the effects of purchasing top quality sparklers. We will also outline “do it yourself” steps to test the quality of your sparkler.

How To Check For Quality Wedding Sparklers

Reviewing sparklers consists of two divisions: physical appearance and chemical makeup. Physically, top quality sparklers have a steel wire core. If you purchase a sparkler, the first thing you will notice is the steel wire core since it is where you will grip your sparkler. As such, top quality sparklers are sturdy and therefore allow to be placed in vases or pinned on the ground.

Test Your Wedding Sparkler Before The Wedding

The next physical attribute of wedding sparklers is the chemical makeup. Before igniting your sparkler, you will notice the sparkler makeup “glued” to the steel wire core. Top quality sparklers are composed of firm firework composition. If you flick the sparkler, none of the composition should fall off or break. You should even be able to tap your sparkler on wood or a box without breaking or chipping it. If it does chip, it means it is brittle and of poor quality. Additionally, you should be able to run the sparkler between your index and thumb fingers with little to no residue left on your fingers (your fingers should barely turn gray). On the contrary, poorly built sparklers will leave noticeable residue on your fingers in addition to a strong smell. You should also be able to squeeze the sparkler as well with absolutely no damage to the sparkler itself.

Testing Your Wedding Sparklers

If all of the physical properties of your sparkler meets the standards mentioned in this review, then your sparkler should then possess the following chemical appearance once lit: little smoke and ash. Once you ignite your sparkler, there should be a bit of smoke given as it is a novelty firework item. On the other hand, if the smoke appears as if it were stemming from wood, it is a poor quality sparkler. Most 4th of July sparklers are made with a bamboo core, which explains why it is a smoky sparkler rather than a true wedding sparkler. Your sparkler should also sparkle evenly; in other words, when reviewing our own sparklers as well as a few from our competitors, our sparklers sparkled consistently without any pieces falling off as the sparkler burns from top to bottom. Great quality sparklers do not falter once lit because they are “double-dipped” to create a firm coat to withstand the heat of the sparkler.

We want your wedding to have the best quality wedding sparklers on the market. Feel free to test any sparkler with our DIY tips. Make sure to check the rest of our blog for more tips and tricks when including the wedding sparkler experience at your event!