How Long Wedding Sparklers Last

How Early Can I Buy Wedding Sparklers?

We understand the importance of having everything organized for your wedding day and you most likely ask yourself, “How Early Can I Buy Wedding Sparklers?”.  We made sure to provide wedding items that could be purchased ahead of time and still perform perfectly!  We speak to many customers who are curious about our wedding sparklers’ shelf life, so we wanted to make sure we addressed this very important detail.  Our wedding sparklers have a shelf life of about 3 – 5 YEARS!  That’s right!  You can purchase your wedding sparklers months in advance without any concerns.  There are actually quite a few benefits to purchasing your wedding sparklers early.  This is one of the many perks of purchasing true wedding sparklers for your big day.

NO MORE STRESS!  One of the biggest benefits of purchasing your wedding sparklers early is knowing you secured a very special item on your wedding list.  Many bride and grooms leave certain items at the bottom of the list, and unfortunately wedding sparklers is one of them.  If you purchase your sparklers one week before your wedding, it will be tough for any wedding sparkler company to guarantee arrival while falling into your wedding budget.  Order your sparklers as soon as you can to avoid moving things around in order to make sure someone can receive your wedding sparklers.

FREE SHIPPING!  We offer free shipping for qualifying orders;  free shipping does require you purchase your sparklers early in your wedding planning phase given the extended estimated delivery time, which varies per location.  If your wedding day is at least 3 weeks away, you can rest assure your wedding day sparklers will arrive in time for your wedding.  We use to ship all of our products so you will receive a tracking number

SHELF LIFE!  As mentioned earlier, our wedding sparklers have a shelf life of 3 – 5 years.  Of course, there are a few recommendations we strongly encourage our customers to follow.  All wedding sparklers, whether purchased early or late in the wedding planning phase, should be maintained according to these guidelines:

Dry environment (Don’t Let Sparklers Get Wet)

Cool/Room temperature

No direct sunlight

ViP Sparklers Wedding Sparklers

ViP Sparklers wedding sparklers are packaged in individual sleeves of 8 and shipped within a comfortable size box.  Once you receive your order, you can simply store it as is until your wedding day!  Purchasing your wedding sparklers last minute can be a recipe for disaster.  For instance, very few companies offer expedited shipping to begin with, not to mention the cost of these shipping options.  We completely understand there is a strict wedding budget you’re all trying to adhere to, so it is a great benefit to purchase your sparklers early.

Unfortunately, not all venues allow wedding sparkles.  There are some venues that only allow specific sizes or wedding sparklers from companies they’ve worked with in the past.  We’ve encountered wedding venues that are open to the idea of wedding sparklers, but want to make sure you’re using “true” wedding sparklers.  In other words, wedding venues are more comfortable allowing the use of wedding sparklers if they are virtually smokeless and ash-less.  Purchasing your wedding sparklers early gives you an opportunity to showcase your sparklers to your wedding venue just in case they are not completely convinced.

Can Ship Wedding Sparklers To Your Venue

Some of our guests refrain from purchasing their sparklers early because their wedding may be taking place in a different state such as a venue or hotel.  We can ship to any residential and commercial address.  In order to guarantee a successful delivery, we ask you include your name or the names of the individuals available to accept your order.  We can also request a signature upon delivery when requested.  If shipping to a commercial address, we encourage our customers to include the name of the business, the manager, and of course your name (the customer).

There are many great benefits to ordering your sparklers early.  Many wedding planners recommend assigning wedding tasks if bride and grooms have the opportunity.  Ordering your wedding day wedding sparklers is a perfect task to assign a close relative or friend.  We have years of experience working with parents of the bride or groom, best man, maid of honor, wedding planners, and wedding venues.

By purchasing your wedding sparklers ahead of time also gives you some really neat was to experiment and figure out how to plan on using the sparklers.  A lot of things to consider is how you want to display the sparklers and how to notify your wedding guests you will be doing a sparkling exit.  It’s always important to remember you will want to notify your guests you will be doing a sparkling exit so they stay around until the end.  You must always remember that apporixmately 10-15% of the wedding guests tend to leave early so you will need exactly the same number of wedding guests and sparklers.  With ViP Sparklers being in the wedding industry serving bries sparklers for over ten years you will not believe the knowledge we have discovered and we love helping sharing everything we know with the bride when it comes to using these glowing wands at the end of the night.

We stand behind our products at ViP Sparklers, so if you have any questions do not hesitate to come on over and ask us! We have recently added a chat box to our website to even ask little questions about our wedding sparklers.  It is important to always ask, we have the old saying here at our headquarters that closed mouths never get fed.  Place your order today or speak with one of our customer care representatives if you have any questions regarding our amazing wedding day sparklers.  We want you to remember the earlier you buy wedding sparklers the better and it’s one less thing to cross of your list! And most importantly is have a sparkling exit!