How Long Are Wedding Sparklers Good For?

How Long Are Wedding Sparklers Good For?

A popular question that comes across from brides considering on using wedding sparklers on their big day is always, “how long are wedding sparklers good for?”  This is always a popular wedding question as our customers are always unsure when to purchase these wedding sparklers.  Do you buy wedding sparklers well in advance or do you wait until weeks before your wedding?  Well at ViP Sparklers we wanted to take a few quick moments to go over some helpful information when purchasing these sparklers for your big day!  But to answer your question right away, wedding sparklers are good for 2-3 years after you purchase them.  This is why we always encourage our brides who know they want wedding sparklers at their wedding to purchase ahead of time to help cross off another wedding favor off of their list.  You will want to make sure after you have purchased your sparklers that you store them properly.  We have compiled some quick pointers on properly storing your wedding favors below.  Our goal at ViP Sparklers is to make sure all of our customers have all the necessary tips and tricks to ensure a flawless sparkling display at the end of their wedding.


Properly Storing Wedding Sparklers

When purchasing wedding sparklers ahead of time you will want to store these in the best way possible so they sparkle the brightest on your wedding night.  We recommend keeping your wedding sparklers away from direct sunlight.  This is the most important thing to take into consideration when buying wedding sparklers ahead of time to ensure they perform as expected for your wedding.  If you leave these sparklers in direct sunlight they will dry out and you will be unable to light them when it matters the most.  We recommend placing your sparklers in a dark and cool location such as a closet or cabinet.  Another important note when storing your wedding sparklers is to NOT get them wet at all.  If your wedding sparklers end up getting damp or wet they will not lit at all.  Our goal with this information is to help brides properly store their sparklers for the perfect send-off.


Right Time To Buy Wedding Sparklers

We recommend if you already know you will be getting wedding sparklers to purchase these products a couple months before your wedding.  What often happens with a lot of our customers is they forgot about adding these wedding favors until the last moment and they are forced to pay for express shipping or in the worst case are unable to acquire them in time.  We absolutely cringe when we find out that we can’t help send off newlyweds with sparklers at the end of the night due to time constraints.  Unfortunately with some wedding destinations it takes longer than your normal shipping rates especially if your venue is off the beaten path a little.  If you ever have any questions with regards to purchasing wedding sparklers ahead of time do not hesitate to call us directly, we understand every situation is different and always love giving helpful advice. We love hearing back from our newlyweds after on how our wedding sparklers performed and how everything went!  Feel free to reach out to us on Facebook with great photo’s of your exit so we can share with all perspective customers thinking about adding a sparkle to the end of their night!