Heart Sparklers: New Sale Item

Heart Shaped Wedding Sparklers

SALE ALERT! Perhaps it’s the love in the air or the skip in the summer walk that has brought upon our most recent sale: heart sparklers! Without the need to sign up for a coupon, copy and then paste it into the correct field, customers can automatically enjoy our new sale price! Our team applied the new sale price on the product itself! For instance, customers would normally purchase 72 Heart Shaped Sparklers for $49.99. Beginning today, bride and grooms are able to automatically save $14.00! If your wedding party consists of over 100 guests, we offer a package of 144 wedding heart sparklers with a new savings of $20.00 (new sale price is $69.99 – compared to $89.99). On top of significant savings, customers will always enjoy the option of free shipping!

Our free shipping option is one of our biggest perks! Any order over $14.99 automatically qualifies for free shipping. With a delivery time of 9-14 business days, this option is perfect for customers who are planning weeks in advance. Heart sparklers hold a shelf life of about one year, so purchasing them months in advance will not hinder the quality of the sparkler; it will burn and sparkle as bright as day one! If your wedding or special event falls between the 9-14 business day delivery time frame, we highly encourage you to contact us before placing your sparkler order. One of our customer care agents will be able to verify exactly how long it will take your heart shaped sparklers to arrive. Unfortunately, some times customers choose our free shipping option and expect their package to arrive on the 9th business day, the day of their wedding. We want to make sure your package arrives at least a couple of days before your special day, not the day of. Give us a quick call, and we’ll be able to help you select the best shipping option.

Heart Sparklers + 16 FREE Premium Sparklers

Not only have we moved our heart sparklers into our sale category, but we have also included an add-on item: FREE premium sparklers. We are offering 16 FREE premium sparklers with every heart shaped sparkler purchase! No coupon is required, no need to sign up for email alerts. Premium sparklers are about 10inches tall and are identical to our larger wedding sparklers. Premium sparklers can be used as additional sendoff sparklers. For example, if you purchased the 72 heart sparkler package but 80 wedding guests are participating in your sparkler sendoff, you can use 8 of your 16 premium sparklers for the remaining guests. With about 45 seconds of sparkle time, premium sparklers burn for about the same time as heart shaped sparklers.

The best way to light sparklers is with another sparkler. Another way to take advantage of your free 10 inch sparklers is by using them as lighters. Though you will require a traditional lighter to light one or two 10inch sparklers, you can use those lit sparkler to quickly light your heart sparklers. Using your free premium sparklers as lighters will expedite your lighting process, allowing you to enjoy your heart sparklers for a longer time.

Lighting A Heart Shaped Sparkler

Because heart sparklers are shaped differently than wedding sparklers, there is a special way to light them. When using wedding sparklers, there is only one place to light them (top end). On the other hand, heart shaped wedding sparklers have no evident starting point. Customers may simply light their heart sparklers at any point, affecting how the sparkler will sparkle. If you’re going to assign a few individuals to light all the sparklers at your wedding, you will simply need to give them a few instructions. If each of your guests will light their own sparklers, you will then have to make a public announcement. Though short and simple, it is vital that your heart sparklers are lit the following way:

Heart shaped sparklers must be lit at the top, midway point where both halves meet. This is the “dip” point of the heart sparkler. Once you light your heart sparkler at this specific point, two sparkles will form, each heading in opposite directions. Each sparkle will follow their half of the heart shaped sparkler and eventually join at the bottom center point (near the wire handle).

Heart Sparkler Wedding Sendoff

Heart sparklers are a great item to use for wedding sparkler exits, first dances, and personal wedding photo-shoots. With a sparkle time of about one minute, heart shaped sparklers can easily accommodate wedding parties of 50 – 90 guests. For larger wedding parties, we recommend thoroughly planning the lighting process so you can have enough time left on your sparklers.