Heart Sparklers: A Wedding Favor Hit!

Heart Sparklers: A Timeless Wedding Favor

The beginning of Spring symbolizes the bloom of lovely couples finally saying “I Do” to one another! With beautiful days ahead of us, wedding planners are taking full advantage of this opportunity to plan unforgettable weddings. There are so many ideas out there in terms of what to include in your wedding decorations and favors. Pinterest has really opened up the world to endless Do It Yourself projects and inspirations; couples can easily find an assortment of ideas for rustic themed weddings, city driven venues, intimate sized gatherings as well as extravagant million dollar ceremonies.

We understand newly engaged couples are always seeking for unique items to include in their wedding budget. They want something that not only represents their personal journeys but also involves their wedding guests. Experienced wedding planners will always recommend enjoying your day and the ones you are sharing this very special day with. We believe we may have found a fantastic wedding favor option for your wedding.

Heart Sparklers

You may have heard about the growing popularity of wedding sparklers; in a nutshell, a wedding sparkler is a top quality fourth of July sparkler. The biggest advantages of wedding sparklers are the bright sparkles it is able to produce while only emitting minimal smoke. Traditionally, sparklers are straight long wires. Heart Sparklers on the other hand, couple the advantages of wedding sparklers in a heart shaped sparkler. We love Heart Sparklers in weddings because of the multiple uses.

Use them for your wedding exit: remember, heart sparklers will sparkle brightly and enhance your already-stunning wedding pictures. Feel free to incorporate your heart sparklers in your wedding exit. Since these particular sparklers only shine for about 45seconds, we recommend really planning your “lighting process”, using them for intimate sized weddings, or using them as additions to your larger sized sparklers.

Personal photo-shoots: given the romantic appeal of heart shaped sparklers, they are a favorite when it comes to personal photo-shoots. Wedding photographers will have a blast incorporating this sparkling prop! We’ve seen amazing sunset bound photographs of couples sharing a sparkling heart, symbolizing their passionate unity! Remember, heart sparklers only sparkle for about 45seconds, so make sure you carry a few if you’re planning to take pictures in several locations.

wedding sparkler

Heart-inspired center pieces: if you’re purchasing a fair amount of heart sparklers, you can easily add them to your centerpieces. With a simple bow and a cute vase, your guests will be feeling the love!

A Personal Wedding Favor

If you wish to do something extra special with your heart sparklers, here is a very sweet idea. If your venue does not allow the use of sparklers but you wish to incorporate them somehow, offer them as keepsakes. You can be very creative and incorporate a small goodies bag for all of your guests. In it, you can include a couple of heart sparklers with simple instructions. Share your appreciation for their attendance and perhaps include a few instructions on how to use this special wedding favor. For example, encourage them to share this very special sparkler with a loved one, either a partner, parent, or child. Another idea would be to save the sparkler until a major holiday such as July 4th or New Years. It would be amazing if you could also encourage your guests to take a picture once they decide to use the heart sparkler and send it to you! Just as they were a special part of your day, your heart sparkler will be a part of theirs!

We want everyone to enjoy heart sparklers, so we made sure to offer wedding budget friendly prices. With an average wedding size of 120 guests, our package of 144 heart sparklers for $89.99 is an easy addition to any wedding checklist. This particular order qualifies for FREE shipping, so bride and grooms will not have to worry about paying any hidden fees. If you have any other plans or ideas for heart shaped sparklers but require a few additional details, please feel free to contact us; our customer agents are available to answer all of your questions.