Fun Activities For Weddings

Adding Fun Activities At Your Wedding

Weddings have slowly transformed into formal affairs filled with stress and anxiety. We understand that not all weddings fall under this saddened umbrella, but it has become somewhat of an expectation to accept the negatives of planning a wedding. Most brides do not even get to enjoy their wedding day given that everything they planned was centered around decorations and their guests. We want guests, brides and grooms to enjoy this most memorable day! Your wedding day should of course consist of planning; just don’t forget to plan for the fun activities as well! We found three awesome fun activities to include on your wedding day that will surely add a fun twist to your wedding day!

Growing up, piñatas were the center of any birthday party! Though not a birthday party, weddings signify the birth of a union between two special people. Weddings are about creating special memories, and special memories begin with unique experiences shared with the people you love dearly. A piñata is a perfect, joyful addition to your wedding day. Whether you want to include it for the kids attending your meaningful celebration or as a fun adult activity, piñatas will undoubtedly add a twist to your wedding!

Revamp your guest book with Polaroids! We consider sweet wishes from your guests as one of the most priceless gifts bride and grooms can ever receive, so when we came across this idea, we knew we had to share it! With the aid of a couple of Polaroid cameras, your guests can attach a selfie with their warm inspirational words. If you offer enough film, you can encourage your guest to take a personal selfie for them to keep! We feel this is a great idea because it creates an environment that encourages fun, care-free expression.

Very few things come close to our next item on the list: Cotton Candy machine! Are weddings really including cotton candy machines on their list? Absolutely! We of course understand that all of our twists have to somehow complement your wedding style and venue, but we feel that perhaps seeing these ideas early could inspire you to rethink your wedding approach if you’re currently feeling something is missing. Having a cotton candy machine will blow your guests away! Anyone with a sweet tooth will dive into a sugar rush, and what’s more fun than seeing an adult amidst a sugar rush!?

Wedding Sparklers Add Fun To A Wedding

Wedding Sparklers! We cannot forget about wedding sparklers; by far the most popular fun activity on this list, wedding day sparklers offer both a fun and elegant activity. It is an item that blends well with the majority of wedding themes and venues. With the participation of your guests, wedding sparklers are known for offering fantastic wedding pictures! It is one of the most affordable item on your list yet one of the most memorable. If you are planning on using wedding sparklers, make sure your wedding photographer and venue are open to the idea. We have plenty of blogs describing the wedding sparkler process, from purchasing to storing, lighting, and disposing.  ViP Sparklers offers the best and cheapest true wedding sparklers on the market.

Weddings are extra special when you freely express your unique love; it is a day to celebrate happiness with the help of your close friends and family. We feel adding a few fun activities to your wedding day creates a memorable experience for everyone. After all, your special guests are part of this day, so if there is anything that strengthens their participation, it’s worth considering. Venues play a huge role in this factor because it sets the “playground” for your ideas and vision.

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