Exquisite, But Inexpensive Heart Shaped Sparklers for Every Lovely Event

Romantic Inexpensive Heart Sparklers 

Love. The drive for every dream, the hope of every heartache, and the word for every want.  Never has any other emotion been expressed as ardently and with such uncompromising passion as the feeling of love.  Because we know your dreams for love as we know our own, we are pleased to help you celebrate those dreams come true with our inexpensive heart shaped sparklers for every love-filled moment of your life!

Share the Love!

Gold and Silver Heart Shaped Sparklers

Whether you are planning an elaborate marriage proposal, a sparkly wedding send-off, or your grandparent’s 50th anniversary, our heart shaped sparklers are a unique touch for any celebration of love.  Available in gold or silver, these sparklers will coordinate perfectly with any event regardless of how formal or casual the affair.  Additionally, we offer custom packaging for your sparklers that will help to create a fun, yet classy atmosphere of romance and playfulness.  Add a note or date to commemorate your special moment and you will be sure to spark delight in every guest and loved one, no matter how young or old, with our heart shaped displays of shining love and contagious joy!

We’re Not Blowing Smoke!

Indoor Smokeless Heart Shaped Sparklers 

These sparklers are extremely popular in weddings and are often used as table decorations or wedding favors.  One great benefit of our sparklers is that they are essentially smoke-free which will allow your guests to safely enjoy them with ease and enthusiasm.  Not only that, but the absence of smoke will also help your photographer to capture the memories clearly and beautifully.  They glow brilliantly for about 1 minute when lit, but if you are specifically planning on using our long-lasting sparklers in pictures, we recommend at least two sparklers per person to allow enough time to create some breathtaking memories.  Be sure to check out some of the photos in our gallery for examples in how others have enjoyed our heart shaped sparklers!

Let Your Love Glow!

Charming, But Cheap Heart Shaped Sparklers for Wedding Budgets

Weddings are customarily our most expensive and most elaborate celebrations of love.  Because of this, there is often financial stress with planning a wedding since you rightfully want it to be special in every way for everyone who comes to share in your celebration and commitment of love.  Rest assured that our heart shaped sparklers will not only add the perfect flare of delight to your event, but also your budget as we do our best to provide you with cheap and affordable sparklers for your big day!

You can purchase larger quantities of sparklers from us at wholesale prices and we will deliver them to you anywhere in the country to your home or to the venue of your event.  Use the sparklers to create a tunnel for the departing bride and groom or just a fun party favor for your smaller guests!  No matter what, our heart shaped sparklers are sure to make your event a spectacular success!