Dessert Sparklers

Dessert Sparklers On Sale

When ViP Sparklers first introduced our champagne bottle sparklers to the scene it took the nightclub business by storm. Before we knew it our bottle sparklers had quickly become the norm at many restaurants across the country. Chefs and restaurant staff would be delivering these champagne bottle sparklers on all type of desserts and signature dishes. After receiving numerous phone calls from restaurants with feedback on how to perfect the champagne bottle sparklers for there needs we went to the drawing board. We did not want the restaurants to have to use sparklers designed for nightclubs, but a specific type of sparkler tailored to there needs which is why we created the dessert sparklers.

Make Your Clients Dessert One to Remember with Sparklers

ViP Sparklers dessert sparklers come with a specialized base to strongly secure and make sure the sparkler stands upright. With our dessert sparklers you will absolutely not have to worry about the sparklers falling over or not firmly placing in the dessert or cake. The next topic that we wanted to address would be for the restaurant industry compared to our champagne bottle sparklers is the burn time. We understood that the typical birthday song lasted approximately 45 seconds and wanted a proper sparkler to achieve that time frame. Our dessert sparkler have an extended burn time to make sure your entire birthday moment is complete. All of ViP Sparklers competitors have a limited burn time of thirty seconds, with our dessert sparklers we were able to achieve approximately 45 to 55 seconds. Another important aspect we brought to the restaurant industry was different colors of dessert sparklers. We are happy to announce ViP Sparklers now offers silver and gold designed dessert sparklers to help. ViP Sparklers is the only sparkler company on the market to offer a specifically tailored sparkler for restaurants that’s different than our champagne bottle sparklers. If you ever have any questions about our new dessert sparklers or even our champagne bottle sparklers feel free to email us at