Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

On your special day, bride and grooms are encouraged to add their personal touch when discussing wedding details. It is a fun way to connect with your wedding guests and really give your wedding a unique, personal feel. One wedding detail in which bride and grooms have the opportunity to get creative is with their guest books.

Below are a few wedding guest book ideas we are confident you will love!

JENGA Guest Book Idea

If you are a couple who enjoys board games, this JENGA wedding guest book alternative is one to rejoice! Involve your guests and welcome them to write warm wishes on your JENGA pieces. On game night, you and your spouse will reminisce your wedding day all thanks to this unique guest book idea!

POLAROID wedding guest books

If you really want to “capture” your wedding guests, we have the perfect guest book idea for you! Create a nice set up with a few Polaroid cameras and a few instructions; a simple “SNAP IT. SHAKE IT. STICK IT. WRITE IT.” is more than enough! Bride and grooms can choose a book to organize the Polaroids and even provide extra space just in case your guests have a list of sweet wishes for you!

Thinking outside of the “book”

Toss out the restraints of books and small shapes with these two head-turning guest book ideas! If either of you love guitars, consider purchasing an acoustic guitar for the sole purpose of being used as your wedding guest book; it will make a very special memento that will last you a life time!

If jigsaw puzzles are your passion, consider a wooden, custom jigsaw puzzle as your guest book alternative. Ask your guests to sign each piece with a short, sweet wedding wish. We recommend not reading any of the messages until the first anniversary. Before going to bed that night, the newlyweds can solve the jigsaw puzzle and read each special message for the first time! It is a priceless wedding gift that can easily emerge from simply adding a twist to your otherwise traditional wedding guest book.

Nature inspired Wedding Guest Book idea

Another spectacular wedding guest book idea is this nature-inspired guest book. Choose your favorite indoor plant (one that doesn’t bloom heavily) and provide small note size paper for your guests to fill. With a hole puncher, punch a hole in each note and use a decorative ribbon to hang them. This unique guest book idea can quickly turn into a center piece after your guests sign in!

Every opportunity to personalize your wedding should be taken advantage of and celebrated! There are many ways to sprinkle your love story and adding a twist to your wedding guest book is one of them!

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