Cheap Nightclub Bottle Sparklers

Inexpensive Nightclub Bottle Sparklers

ViP Sparklers has had their hands in the nightclub industry for over ten years and is currently at the forefront of all new and exciting nightclub products. Miami, New York City and Los Angeles are three of the hottest cities in terms of the nightlife and we have benefited greatly from having offices in all three of those markets. This type of positioning has allowed ViP Sparklers to not only stay ahead of the curve, but become a leading trend setter in this area of business. Because of this advantage, or so­ called, edge over the competition ViP Sparklers has been able to offer the most affordable bottle sparklers to all of our locations, business and clients since the day our doors were opened. ViP bottle sparklers are nearly 100% smokeless and ash­-less allowing you to use at any indoor or outdoor venue, also preventing any incurred costs from burn marks or damage to other favors in use around the sparklers. Our bottle sparklers are seen at all clubs across the country from the east coast to the west coast, but you don’t even have to go to clubs to see our sparklers. You may just find them at almost all events, restaurants, weddings, and yes, even on your favorite dessert.

Cheap Champagne Bottle Sparklers

Throughout the past five years, the nightclub industry has really embraced the use and the idea of a champagne bottle sparkler. It adds a touch of class and luxury when executing bottle service to any and all guests, of any background, wealth, or importance. One of the most appealing advantages to club owners is the sheer fact that these bottle sparklers are a sure way to help increase sales for your venue and at the same time, will add sparks of elegance to your entire venue, grabbing the attention of other guests, and inspiring the future use of bottle sparkler by other people who witness the aura they can create. There is not better way to let an entire club or lounge know of a purchased bottle, then to draw their attention to it. Everyones eyes will immediately turn to the bottle sparklers and your hostess bringing the bottle to the table. And in addition to all of the advantages we have discussed, everybody will love the photographs inspired by our ViP champagne bottle sparklers. Some of the amazing pictures that venues have been displaying and promoting with these dazzling bottle sparklers have looked surreal and your photographs will look the same way.

Bottle Sparklers at ViP Sparklers

At ViP Sparklers we didn’t stop with our bottle sparklers, however. We also recently became the only company in this market to invent the bottle sparkler safety clips. These bottle sparkler safety clips were designed to be a smart, simple, and most importantly safe solution to any fire hazard concerns that you may have! Our bottle sparkler safety clips allow your hostess or bartenders to safely and easily attach sparklers to any size liquor bottle. This is the absolute safest way to transport bottle sparklers from across the bar to the ViP tables. But again, we didn’t just stop there when we released the new safety bottle clips for the club sparklers. We had your pocket in mind, so yes, they are reusable! Now you will not have to deal with rubber bands or champagne twist offs and if you have any questions about our bottle sparklers or any of our other club novelty items, please do not hesitate to call us or send us an email message at