Cheap Champagne Bottle Sparkler Clips

Champagne Bottle Sparkler Clips

ViP Sparklers is now offering very affordable, yet premium champagne bottle sparklers. These products serve a dual purpose in the fact that aside from conveniently resting on your champagne bottle using or safety bottle clips, they can also serve as wedding, birthday, anniversary or any other type of cake.  These Sparklers, which are available at ViP Sparklers in either Gold or Silver clip into one side of our safety bottle clips, while the other side of the clip is a slightly larger loop, which clips on to any style or size of liquor or champagne bottle. Once the sparkler has fizzled out, you properly dispose of it in either a water or sand bucket, and the clips are then stored for later use. Thats right, they are reusable, so they save you money. They are stunning when used in restaurants, nightclubs or any other nightlife hot spots, but they can be used in everyday situations and more common celebrations as well. These sparklers are equipped with a red, plastic pointed tip on the bottom, which make them great accessories for cakes and desserts.

Using Bottle Sparkler Safety Clips

These premium bottle sparklers are ideal for multiple types of situations and the sooner you email us at, the sooner you will be on your way to a more sparkling celebration. To help you with the execution of these presentations, the champagne bottle safety clips are a phenomenal option. these bottle clips won’t be necessary for presentations on cakes or deserts, but will definitely aid you in pulling off a safe, yet successful display in any scenario. At ViP Sparklers, our main concern was making these champagne bottle sparklers affordable and the more you order, the more you save. We have multiple areas of focus, as mentioned before, so please let our eager associates know if you are ordering for a place of residence or a place of business. From family celebrations and romantic occasions, to corporate gatherings and other profession-related milestones, there is a proper quantity of bottle sparklers available for all.

Safety Clips For Bottle Sparklers

The absolute best value for venues and places of business is our of champagne bottle sparklers full case, which is comprised of 240 bottle sparklers and is moderately priced at $139.99. You have to consider the fact that you probably wont be using just one sparkler per bottle. Using the safety bottle clips, you will be safely be able to attach 3 to 4 bottle sparklers to each bottle, making each one a separate center of attention to all the guests that will be present and witnessing your presentation. The use of rubber bands to attach the premium sparklers to your bottles is strongly discouraged as this could pose several types of hazards in terms of guest safety and may even compromise the safety of your establishment. Make sure you consider all of these factors when making your purchase and you should have no achieving your desired results. The safety bottle clip quantities at ViP sparklers start at 5 for $6.99 and range all the way to 100 clips for $75.99 so as you can see, ordering the clips in large quantities will save you even more money as well.  If you ever have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact VIP Sparklers via email at