Champagne Sparklers For Sale

Champagne Bottle Sparklers Make a Great Party

Champagne bottle sparklers can add a pizzazz to any party like nothing else. These sparklers are designed for use in night clubs all over the country and also enhance private parties and weddings just the same. Safe for indoor use, bottle sparklers create a spectacular sparkling effect much bigger than regular sparklers, and can be used in a variety of ways.

Uses for Club Sparklers for Champagne

Club sparklers for champagne, also known as bottle service sparklers, were originally intended to be inserted into the opening of any liquor bottle. When lit, they emit a tall shower of sparks six to eight inches high for forty to forty-five seconds. This dazzling effect adds an exciting ambiance to dimly lit night club events, holiday celebrations or any private gathering such as birthday parties or weddings.

Another easy, but fun use for these giant sparklers is in place of tiny candles on a birthday cake. With special tips made just for the use, the large sparklers stay put when inserted and provide an effect not soon forgotten for the birthday boy or girl.

At weddings, guests can use the large sparklers to create a tunnel for the bride and groom to pass through as they leave. The lighted path provides a great prop for photos.

Safety of Club Sparklers for Champagne

Although club sparklers for champagne have gotten a bad rap over the years, the fact is, they are safe. Indoor smokeless champagne sparklers emit almost no smoke during lighting and burning, so there is no risk of inhalation in a packed venue. Also, since the sparklers burn just long enough to provide a dramatic effect and burn out completely, fire risk is minimal. As long as they are disposed of properly in a bucket of water, liquor bottle sparklers are totally safe for any party or celebration where dazzle and fabulousness is the name of the game.

Where Can I Buy Bottle Sparklers?

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