Champagne Bottle Sparklers at Nightclubs

Ordering Champagne Bottle Sparklers At Nightclubs

At ViP Sparklers we have been lucky enough to be apart of the nightclub industry for quite sometime with the help of our champagne bottle sparklers and various other nightclub products. We are the only nightclub provider that offers champagne bottle sparklers with a burn time of over 45 to 55 seconds. Our competitors bottle sparklers have an average burn time of only thirty seconds. We understand the main purpose of our champagne bottle sparklers is to burn long enough from when you initially light the bottle sparklers off and to travel throughout the club to the ViP table at the nightclub. No clients or customers who order bottle sparklers want the sparklers to be out by the time they reach the table. We believe at ViP Sparklers that the champagne bottle sparklers should not only make it to the table, but also have burn time after the bottle service arrives to celebrate with!

Bottle Sparklers Increase Sales at Clubs

Ever wonder why managers and club owners love our champagne bottle sparklers? Just by purchasing our nightclub bottle sparklers you are almost guaranteed to increase your bottle sparklers sales. By having six to eight champagne bottle sparklers coming out with ever bottle ordered and walking through the nightclub draws the entire attention of the nightclub. In moments, you will have all of the club goers goggling over the bottle and sparklers wanting them to experience the fun and excitement of ordering bottles. Not only will customers want to experience having bottle sparklers, but the ones who already ordered bottle service will have such an amazing experience that they will absolutely come back and do it again! At every nightclub or lounge the managers goal is to make sure the clients who have table service are having a blast and thats what our bottle sparklers aim to do. ViP Sparklers takes every venue we have and will absolutely work with the manager to find the best way to maximize there sparklers. Never hesitate to call any of our main offices to ask any questions about bottle sparklers or how to effectively use them.

Tips When Using Champagne Bottle Sparklers

When using ViP Champagne bottle sparklers at the nightclub we have some helpful tips and tricks. When lighting any champagne bottle sparklers we urge your hostess and waitresses to use a barbecue lighter. This makes lighting the bottle sparklers easy and quick to help not waste any time of actually delivering the bottle. In addition, we are ecstatic to announce we have our safety bottle clips for our champagne bottle sparklers. These champagne bottle sparkler clips will safely attach to any liquor bottle your clubs has to offer. This way you will never have to use a rubber band or champagne twist-off, your bottle sparklers will safely arrive to the clients without any worries or errors. These are just a couple tips when you plan on using champagne bottle sparklers at your venue or establishment. Remember our bottle sparklers are safe for indoor events! Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions.