Champagne Bottle Sparklers

Champagne Bottle Sparklers

Looking for a safe indoor sparkler for a great night out at the club or even at a house party? VIP Sparklers specializes in creating VIP Champagne Bottle Sparklers that can be lit and partied with anywhere.  These bottle sparklers will produce sparks that can spray as high as six to eight inches and will last for about forty-five seconds. They are very popular at big nightclubs or large events around the United States.

Bottle Sparklers At Events

Whether you are at a lounge, club, restaurant, bar, party, or event VIP Sparklers wants you to have a fantastic night leaving you with wondrous memories to last a lifetime. These amazing sparklers are safe both indoors and outdoors. VIP Sparklers carries the bottle sparklers and also fountain candles; they are created to last much longer than any other substitutes. With being practically smokeless and ash-free, these sparklers can be safely lit in any enclosed area.

Igniting the sparkler is easy, just place a flame against the top and it will begin to spray sparks giving you an astounding show. Let them demonstrate to you exactly why their company is the best to be trusted in when it comes to bottle sparklers. They have experience adding up to ten years and they offer you the safest and most spectacular bottle sparklers in the business.

Cheap Bottle Sparklers

Not only do they create sparklers for big events and clubs but also they are now allowing the general public to purchase these bottle service sparklers. If you live in Atlanta, Cleveland, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, Tampa, or Washington D.C. you will be able to buy bottle sparklers or big birthday cake sparklers to have amazing memories.

Customers are able to purchase a single bottle sparkler or birthday cake sparkler rather than having to buy in large quantities. VIP Sparklers provides you with their bottle safety clips so that you get a genuine club feel to your night. These clips allow you to safely add a sparkler to any bottle of liquor. carries various photos and videos of their bottle sparklers for you to enjoy and preview before considering a purchase. You can buy in bulk if you want a much larger amount.

Use these as Cake Sparklers

Their champagne sparklers can also be used on top of birthday cakes instead of buying boring candles that have no flare. Go all out and give the person you love a party and celebration they’ve earned. All sparklers come equipped with cake tips so that they can be placed safely on the cake. Since all the VIP Sparklers’ sparklers are ash-free and smokeless, there will never be any residue left on the icing of the cake.

VIP Sparklers has been helping over five hundred clubs in the United States transversely. So, if you are someone who is looking for fantastic sparklers for a spectacular night at the club, VIP Sparklers is the place to shop.