Buy Cheap Wedding Sparklers for a Memory That Will Last Forever

 Wedding Sparklers Exit To Remember Forever

Your wedding will be one of the single-most important days in your life. You want it to be perfect; you wanted to be memorable, and you want your guests to remember it too. You have broken your to-do list into 1,000 things and checked off every one. You have the perfect venue, the perfect dress, and the perfect groom. The reception tent is filled with tables laden down with the best wedding food ever, the best wedding decorations ever and, most importantly the best wedding guests ever. But, why do you have that nagging feeling that there is something you are forgetting?

Going Out In Style

Wait! What about the grand finale when you and your groom, tuckered out after the best wedding reception ever take your leave to head off into happily ever after? You can’t just walk out in some drab fashion, strolling casually to your getaway car and making off into the night. Can you? You can, but you do not need to.

Best Wedding Sparklers

Wedding sparklers are the perfect end to a perfect night. Wedding sparklers are becoming more and more popular, replacing bubbles, rice, and birdseed. Premium wedding sparklers are made with a wire core, instead of bamboo for maximum burn time with minimal smoke. This product is perfectly designed for one last photo opportunity as you leave your reception. Because these sparklers do feature minimal smoke, they will not interfere with your photographs. You get clean crisp pictures with our clean crisp sparklers.

Wedding sparklers come in 10 inches with a burn time of 1 to 1 ½ minutes, 20 inches with a burn time of 2 to 2 ½ minutes and our best-selling 36-inch sparklers with a burn time of a fabulous 4 to 4 ½ minutes. Our 32-inch sparklers are perfect for the happy couple’s exit, and our 10-inch sparklers are very popular for toasts and the first dances. For an extra special sparkle, many couples are choosing our heart-shaped sprinklers. As you can imagine, these are perfect for weddings and make a statement in your reception photos showing guests having a great time. Even the specialty sparklers have an excellent burn time and last for approximately 70 to 90 seconds. Some of the other heart-shaped sparklers on the market are much less substantial with a very short burn time. Our heart-shaped sparklers are larger than most and also offer nearly smokeless burning.

Best Wedding Sparklers

VIP Sparklers is number one in customer service and satisfaction. In review after review, customers rave about the quality of the product, customer service and speedy delivery. VIP sparklers are known for their excellent customer service often times reducing delivery time for emergencies (forgot to order!). They are recommended by the various wedding venues and previous customers. Many mention the affordability of these premium sparklers. It allows customers to have the best product without breaking the bank. For those who do extensive research with regard to price and quality before placing any order, VIP happily meets all the criteria for even the pickiest customers.

Hopefully, you will have no wedding day regrets, but we assure you it won’t be from your wedding day sparklers. We can’t wait to be at your reception!