Burn Time of Wedding Sparklers

Burn Time of Wedding Sparklers

  Every different type and size of wedding sparkler comes with its own specific burn time. Starting with the sparkler that burns for the longest time, the 36-inch wedding sparkler can be used for extended photo shoots during wedding receptions and bridal parties and more popularly are used during the newlyweds’ grand wedding exits. With an estimated burn time between three and a half and four minutes, this wedding sparkler is ideal for larger wedding receptions and events. Like all other products at ViP Sparklers, these 36-inch wedding sparklers are made using a stainless steel wire core. This detail is what guarantees a clean, smokeless and ash less display and with close to four minutes of glowing burn time, these sparklers provide an adequate period of time where photographers and guests will be able to capture many moments and images from this segment of the wedding.  Brides tend to pick this option for wedding sparklers as when the newlyweds are exiting through the sparklers, due to it’s length, they are walking under the wedding sparklers.  By walking under the wedding sparklers helps create that sparkler arch which really creates some of the best wedding sparklers a bride can ask for!

20 Inch Wedding Sparklers Option

  For smaller receptions and guest lists, ViP Sparklers offers 20 inch wedding sparklers as well. Made with the same quality and the same double dipped process, these sparkler burn in an ash less and smokeless manner for about two to two and a half minutes. If your wedding is not massive in terms of invited guests, these sparklers may be the best option for your wedding. Also used for grand wedding exits, these sparklers are identical to the 36-inch varieties, except that they are shorter. Other than that, you will encounter the same glowing experience with both of these varieties, with the only difference lying in the burn times that each one provides.

Indoor Wedding Sparklers

  Moving down the line along the same style of wedding product, we arrive at the 10-inch wedding sparkler. This sparkler is half of the size of the 20-inch sparkler and offer a 45 second interval of glowing magic. While these sparklers are not really used during grand wedding exits, they can be used as centerpieces on tables during the wedding reception, or can even be lit during the toast. Any other smaller segments or portions  of your event would be a perfect fit for the usage of the 10-inch wedding sparklers, as long as you keep in mind that they will burn for approximately 45 seconds before fizzling out in your hand. The representatives at ViP Sparklers can help you decide which length is best for you and your style of event, so call us or email us at sales@vipsparklers.net and we can help you get started with your order.

Wedding Bottle Sparklers

  A product that is similar in function but very different in terms of shape and burn time is the premium bottle sparklers offered by ViP Sparklers. These bottle sparklers can be clipped to any size liquor or champagne bottle using our safety bottle clips. These bottle sparklers burn for fifty five seconds to one minute and they can attract everyone’s attention during bottle service either at a nightclub or lounge, or they can be used as cake sparklers in weddings and other places offering dessert service. The premium bottle sparklers offered by ViP Sparklers are made with a pointed plastic tip on the bottom, which makes them very easy to place on top of any style of cake. These products also burn in an ash less and smokeless manner and they are guaranteed to not leave any debris on the surface of the cakes. The bottle clips are reusable, which help save you money, so feel free to mix and match or combine an assortment of sparklers for your event, as our friendly associates are standing by to help you build your wedding order.