Bridesmaids Wedding Style

Styling the Entire Wedding Entourage

We want everyone to look great in your wedding. That’s one of the challenging things we might be facing when coordinating with the couturier who will dress your entourage. When deciding on a particular style or shade, we always consider the opinion of bridesmaids. Are they going to be comfortable in their bridesmaid wedding dress? Is it too revealing? Does it compliment their figure? And many more.

Though it is all about the bride on her special day, you also want to make sure that your bridesmaids share the same feeling. Here are some guidelines you can follow when deciding on your bridesmaids’ gowns.  Our goal at ViP Sparklers is to help brides with as many tips and tricks as possible for their wedding day.  We always say the more knowledge you have for your big day, the better!  With so many things to cross and do on your wedding lists you can often forgot about the little things that help make your wedding stand out.

The type of fabric

You have finalized the design of your wedding gown, and now it’s time to deal with the entourage. What is the concept you have in mind? If you prefer a light, carefree, and casual look, gowns made from satin and cotton will match that idea. If you’re on a more formal mood, you might want to consider organza, taffeta, and tons of laces.
The design and cuts are also things to consider when choosing a style.

Bridesmaids wearing different styles and cuts is the trend nowadays. The benefit of this trend is that your bridesmaids can choose the type of design that accentuates their assets and hides their flaws. In addition, it will lessen your responsibility in terms of deciding on what they should wear. Simply send them a series of gowns with different styles and seek your approval once they decide.

The right kind of accessories

You don’t want one of your bridesmaid to go overboard with their accessories. The attention must be focused on you and should not be stolen by a secondary sponsor with an outrageous Sarah Jessica Parker inspired hat. If it’s a vintage wedding, tell them that pearls are the only allowed pieces of jewelry. Wear the required design and color of shoes. Don’t wear sneakers! This is not a Twilight premier and you’re not Kirsten Stewart.

The selection of palette and shades

Bridesmaids wearing different color gowns are becoming more and more popular; It makes the photos more vibrant and lively. You could also incorporate that in your wedding especially if you got lots of bridesmaids. If you really want to stick to a single color, that’s fine. Explore different shades of the same color such as teal and navy for the color blue. Try to play around with your colors. Even black has different palettes to choose from.

The uniformity

We are used to the overrated tradition of brides wearing the same color outfit, makeup, hair, and shoes. Make your wedding day unforgettable by adding your personal touch. Your guests will appreciate the details of your unique love story. Overall, remember that the true essence of getting married is not how beautiful the venue is or how much you spent on your wedding ring, it’s about the love, respect, and sharing a meaningful day with your special someone and guests.

There is nothing more beautiful than a well executed wedding theme. We warmly appreciate your hard work and attention to detail. Make sure to browse our own wedding catalog for more ideas when decorating your wedding.  All of our wedding products can be customized to the exact way you need them for your wedding day.  We understand that every customer at VIP Sparklers wedding is unique and we do our best to make sure every order gets the attention and quality they deserve. Whether it is with our wedding sparklers or any other product from our confetti cannons to our rose petal poppers.