Bottle Sparklers For Sale

ViP Sparklers Has New Bottle Sparklers

At ViP Sparklers we were the first company to bring bottle sparklers to nightclubs and restaurants over fifteen years ago. It’s hard to imagine it’s been that long as we all know, time certainly does fly. We have continually kept perfecting our champagne bottle sparklers to of our all clients as they happen to be our number one priority. About four years ago we were able to decrease the smokey presence by 25%. This year we have worked closely with our manufactures and have been able to make our online bottle sparklers burn even longer than previously. Now our nightclub bottle sparklers burn for 45-55 seconds which allows for our clients to treat their VIP customers even better!

Bottle Sparklers At Nightclubs

When we first entered the bottle sparkler market we immediately had tons of competitors enter the scene. Fortunately, they did not lasts long because they sold an inferior product which actually caused a number of venues to be unable to use them at all. If you are looking for the original bottle sparklers you have come to right the place at ViP Sparklers. The best part is they are now even better than the original! At ViP Sparklers we make our champagne bottle sparklers accessible to the smallest and largest events, our goal is to make every customer truly feel VIP. That’s why we allow the smallest orders of bottle sparklers to be sold in packages as low as six sparklers. On the flip side, if you were looking to order bulk orders of bottle sparklers we can offer wholesale nightclub sparkler orders. Our goal is to accommodate every single customer looking to add a sparkle to their night. If you have a custom amount of bottle sparklers you would like to acquire do not hesitate to reach out to our offices. We have a fully dedicated staff that can assist you with any question on how to use the nightclub sparklers or help with delivery times. At ViP Sparklers we make sure that every order gets the proper attention it deserves.

Restaurant Dessert Bottle Sparklers

When it comes to our bottle sparklers we offer a superior product that is smokeless and ash-less and safe to use at all indoor events. We never imagined how popular these nightclub sparklers would become not only at bars and clubs, but at restaurants. It seems like the change happened fast, but almost every high end restaurant now carries these bottle sparklers on top of all of their desserts. Their clients are already out celebrating a memorable birthday or event, so adding a surprise on top of their birthday cake creates an amazing memory established at your restaurant! Chefs and restaurant/bar managers continually order from us at ViP Sparklers and we love hearing the overwhelming feedback that these bottle sparklers make their customers nights even better! 

We always try to push the envelope when it comes to nightclub supplies and sparklers at ViP Sparklers. When we first opened our doors to customers across the nation offering our sparklers we could of easily kept our products the same. However, we continue to take chances on making small tweaks and changes to offer a better experience for our customers celebrating events. We know for a fact that if you are celebrating with our bottle sparklers then you will know our products were one of the least expensive items at your event and one of the most memorable! We offer over twenty sparklers and items online, but we can say without a doubt that our bottle sparklers for sale leave people the most excited! Whenever any of these champagne bottle sparklers are lit, the entire crowd and energy is ramped up and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Remember when it comes to bottle sparklers online that ViP Sparklers is the number one option online!

Not only do we offer the cheapest bottle sparklers online with the highest quality, but now we offer free shipping! Every order has the option for free shipping by FedEx when you order your nightclub supplies with ViP Sparklers. Most sparkler supply website offer free shipping only when you spend over $100 on your order. Like we stated before, our goal when we receive every bottle sparkler online order is to treat you “ViP”. 

If you are large sized nightclub or bar and go through a lot of bottle sparklers have no fear! We now offer our nightclub bottle sparkler package! That’s right! These are for high volume bottle service locations. If you need 500 or 1,000 bottle sparklers we offer the absolute best wholesale price and even include free bottle sparkler clips! Bottle sparkler clips are extremely important not only for the safety of your staff, but for your clients at your nightclub. These bottle sparkler clips will secure safely to bottle neck and champagne bottle sparklers. The best part about these bottle sparkler clips is they attach to any size liquor bottle so you are not limited to only smaller bottles of alcohol. 

At ViP Sparklers we consider to push our limits and continue to offer new and exciting nightclub supplies as best as we can. We continue to be the leader industry in all nightclub bottle sparklers for events and nightclubs. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us anytime! We look forward to adding a sparkle to your next event!