Bottle Sparklers for all Occasions

Spice up any event by incorporating various bottle sparklers. There are plenty of options to choose from depending on your partying needs. ViP Sparklers offers virtually ash­less and smokeless sparklers, which makes it suitable for indoor use. Transform those birthday cakes by replacing those conventional birthday candles with Birthday Cake Sparklers. It ignites a spark that can reach up to 9 inches and will certainly light the entire room making it a memorable birthday celebration. Our dessert sparklers can also be placed on top of your wedding cake for an amazing wedding cake entrance.

Indoor Sparklers

Even though our sparklers can be used indoors, we recommend you inform your venue first. Igniting a Bottle Sparkler is as simple as placing an open flame on top of it. The most suited material for lighting it is a BBQ lighter. Once lit, a spectacular display of sparks shoot as high as six to eight inches and will give a show that lasts for about 45 seconds. Bottle Sparklers are becoming a must have product for any event. It’s an effortless and affordable way to add a spark to your birthday, wedding, and other special occasion. ViP Sparklers is a company committed in supplying the best sparklers for a fun yet memorable celebration. We have been in business for 15 years and will continue to provide excellent products and service! If you’re planning to incorporate sparklers to your upcoming event, make sure you check out all of our party products.

Bottle Sparkler Uses

The Traditional Bottle Sparkler is among the first sparklers designed which is still in demand in all sorts of gathering. It grabs the attention of guests and gives them a memorable experience which they’ll always look forward to when attending future events. The traditional Bottle Sparkler is also virtually smokeless and ash free which can be used on any bottle. It displays a shower of sparks that can reach up to 8 inches high. Traditional Bottle Sparklers are economically safe. They are made to be compatible for outdoor and indoor use with or without bottles since guests can hold bottle sparklers by the red tip.

Traditional Bottle Sparklers are recommended to be used in any well ventilated area. You can order them in various quantities of 6, 12, 25, 80, 160, 240, or a custom order. Replace expensive and dangerous fireworks with top quality bottle sparklers. For as little as $120, your celebration can enjoy 240 bottle sparklers for a guaranteed night of sparkles! ViP Sparklers is the number one supplier of different types of sparklers across the United States. With a knowledgeable staff ready to answer your questions, ViP Sparklers is your sparkler planner!