Bottle Service Sparklers for Upscale Restaurants

If you are running an upscale restaurant, then you know that your guests expect only the best when it comes to service, food, and atmosphere. And when it comes to elegance and excellence, nothing quite says it better than a great bottle of champagne. For guests who are in a celebratory mood, a bottle service sparkler can make their toasts and their night just that much brighter!

Finding the Champagne Sparklers for Sale

Bottle service sparklers aren’t simply regular Fourth of July sparklers in fancy packaging. They are specifically designed to be used indoors in venues such as restaurants and nightclubs. Their sparks are brighter, more long lasting and much safer than the sparklers of your childhood.

But where can I buy bottle sparklers?

That’s easy! At ViP Sparklers, we specialize in supplying high quality, reasonably priced champagne bottle service sparklers to restaurants, nightclubs, and even individuals. Once lit, our sparklers produce a spectacular spray of sparks that lasts for an incredible 45 seconds, which is much longer than most others on the market!

Because our bottle service sparklers are virtually smokeless and ash-less, you can safely use them in any indoor restaurant. And, of course, they also work wonderfully outdoors as well. They are simple to attach to a bottle using our specially designed safety clips and they light easily. Sparks shoot up as high as 6-8 inches, which is high enough to bring excitement to the table without the risk of sparks going too far.

Our bottle service sparklers can be used on any type of liquor bottle, not just champagne bottles. And they can even be used on birthday cakes instead of regular candles. After all, they won’t leave any ash residue on the cake and they won’t create any smoke at all!

The First Company on the Market

Here’s a little-known fact: ViP Sparklers was the first company to bring champagne bottle service sparklers to the market! We started out ten years ago by creating smokeless, odorless sparklers for weddings. These days, ViP Sparklers is a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of sparklers and other novelty items. We have locations in Miami, New York City, Los Angeles and Dallas. Our clients include major hotels, cruise lines, nightclubs, lounges, restaurants and special event production companies around the world.

We offer a variety of shipping options and can accommodate orders of anywhere from 25 bottle service sparklers to 400 of them. We also offer bottle sparklers wholesale for larger needs. Trust us, you won’t find better, or safer, bottle service sparklers anywhere!

Give Us a Call

If your upscale restaurant needs a little something extra for your guests when they are celebrating, then you should definitely consider bottle service sparklers. They are safe, affordable, festive and, above all, just plain fun! And, because we’ve specialized in them for ten years, we’ve created sparklers that are impressive and classy: they will definitely fit with the elegance that your customers have come to expect from your restaurant! So give ViP Sparklers a call today at 800-305-4737 or shoot us an email at to find out more about how ViP Sparklers can add the winning touch to your restaurant!