Are Wedding Sparklers Safe for All Ages?

Age limit for Wedding Sparklers?

Sparklers are a lot of fun for people of all ages. You light one up and you have a small firework to play with. At your wedding you’ll probably want a few heart shaped wedding sparklers to celebrate the occasion. Are sparklers safe for people of all ages though?

How Old Does Someone Have to Be to Play with Sparklers?

The general consensus when it comes to sparklers in general is that no child under the age of five should handle one. Sparklers are fun, but they can still ignite clothing and burn people. Not to mention children enjoy waving them around which can make sparklers even more hazardous. At a wedding with so many guests around this can create a problem.

Whether you’re looking for indoor party sparklers for sale for your wedding or going with specialized sparklers. Your best bet is to let no child under the age of twelve to handle a sparkler. Below that age most children have not developed the proper coordination to hold one. For a five year old it can be very tempting to wave a sparkler around which can result in someone getting burned or hurt.

How Do You Remain Safe with a Sparkler?

There are a few ways to make sure you and your guests remain safe if you’re handing out sparklers at your wedding. Never light more than one sparkler at a time. If you’re giving a child a sparkler have them hold it and then light it for them. Don’t wave the sparkler around. Sparklers are very hot and can ignite clothing. They are still considered an open flame so be sure not to hold them too close to anything flammable.

Once a sparkler has gone out the wire connected them can still be very hot. It’s best to have a bucket of water ready for guests. Be sure to drop the sparkler into the bucket of water right after so no one burns their fingers.

When handling sparklers make sure everyone has ample room with their own sparkler. Six feet is the recommended room everyone should have who is handling a sparkler. Never use a sparkler if you’re holding a small child in your lamp or sit down. Be sure to also wear closed toed shoes so no one is at risk of foot burns if someone accidentally drops a sparkler. Loose clothing when handling a sparkler is not recommended either.

Sparklers can be a lot of fun for everyone. It’s not recommended children under the age of twelve are allowed to handle one. Be sure people understand how to handle a sparkler before handing them out, and be ready to handle a situation in case a fire breaks out. While sparklers are a huge amount of fun. They are still a fire hazard and an open flame. They should be treated with caution when handled. Other than that, sparklers are an excellent way to spice up the celebration of a new marriage!