A Night Out In New York City

New York City Sparklers 

There are so many places to go out in New York City it can be impossible to pick one. With over 2,000 different bars, clubs, and lounges to choose from, there’s no doubt you’ll find something you love. The question is, how do you know what’s right for you? Are you going out to find bottle service with bottle sparklers? Are you going out to just dance? Or are you going out for good drinks? New York City becomes a playground at night and has a venue for any type of person. Luckily enough ViP Sparklers has had the privilege of working with a number of nightclubs and bars with our champagne bottle sparklers and premium sparklers. However, we teamed up with Birthdays and Bottles to help you find the ideal night life for you in New York City! Having the ultimate guide to pick your ideal location and topping the night off with sparklers is the perfect match!

Here are some ideas on how to save time and energy when planning your big night out in NYC:

1. Venue Types:

One of the great things NYC has to offer is variety. Choose from a wide range of bars, clubs, rooftops,​ and lounges throughout the city for your big night out​. If you’re looking to stay​ casual with sneakers and​ flats,​ then check out Slate or Bounce, our go-to lounges in the Flatiron district. ​

Feel like suiting up? Make your way over to Hudson Terrace and Haus, two of our favorite upscale clubs in the city. Taking in the city skyline while rocking out is one of our favorite pastimes and is best observed at a rooftop. Rooftops are great all year round as they’re perfect for the Summer and outfitted to accommodate guests in the Winter. Our picks are Monarch Rooftop, The Attic, and Gansevoort Park. The views will dazzle you. It doesn’t stop with the views as all of these places offer bottle service so you can be sure to find our champagne bottle sparklers alongside!

Depending on the venue and night of the week, your favorite​ Top 40, dance, house, hip hop, r&b, 80’s, and mash ups will be playing. You can read more about our recommended and featured venues at Birthdaysandbottles.com.

2. Review Sites:

Review sites definitely work but can be slighted. Take Yelp for example – while most of the reviews are undoubtedly on the money, a person is more likely to leave a review if they had a bad time rather than a good time. That leaves out a lot of the people who had a blast. Additionally, Yelp filters reviews that come from anyone who isn’t a regular Yelp user. Point being: you can only get a partial impression of a place based on a review site.

New York Times Reviews Section
A review from NYT may only be good at face value. The review is written from one person’s perspective and could be outdated. Not to mention the specifics that influenced that reviewer’s opinion are subject to change. Examples being a change of ownership or interior design of the venue in question.

Searching on Google could be a very good starting point. It offers a lot of the information but going through it all to find what you’re looking for can easily become a mundane task. Most people using the online search approach will quickly find themselves inundated
​and lose patience. ​

3. Party Planning Services:

A party planning service can match you up with the perfect place based on your personal criteria. You’re also dealing with an actual person and that’s always reassuring.

Birthdays and Bottles is a free service that takes the work out of party planing, ensuring you have the best possible night out. Our recommendations are not only based on our personal experiences at the venues we work with but also those of our clients. This gives us accurate and up to date feedback on the places we work with. We always encourage our clients to share their feedback online via Google+ and Yelp.

Looking to plan something more than just a night out in Manhattan? There team has the expertise and resources to plan a wide variety of events, from a product launch party to a corporate function. Contact them anytime at 212-845-9750 or visit their site at birthdaysandbottles.com to find out more. ViP Sparkler has teamed up with them to help complete your perfect night. Whether you are looking to incorporate our champagne bottle sparklers or even our premium sparklers.  Our goal at ViP Sparklers is to help create the perfect experience in New York City and wanted our customers to have the best opportunity to do achieve this!