7 Tips for Buying and Using Big Wedding Sparklers

7 Tips for Buying and Using Big Wedding Sparklers

Tips on Buying Wedding Sparklers Online

Big wedding sparklers add just the right touch for great lasting memories of your big day. As one of the biggest trends happening right now in weddings, a sparkler send-off is the perfect end to your perfect day. Not all sparklers are created equal, so keep these seven tips in mind as you purchase and use your sparklers.

1. Check with your venue before you even begin looking for wedding sparklers for sale

If you’ve already booked your venue, it’s best to check with them before you even begin searching for wedding sparklers for sale. Their insurance company may not allow sparklers on the premises.

2. Don’t overbuy wedding sparklers wholesale

You will discover that by buying wedding sparklers wholesale you can get quite a few for not much money, and many brides tend to overbuy thinking they must have at least one sparkler per guest. The fact is, there will be some guests that just don’t participate in the sparkler send-off, so purchase enough sparklers for approximately 75% of your guests and you should have plenty.


3. Make sure you supply enough matches

Provide customized matchbox wedding favors for the event so there’s sure to be plenty to go around.

4. Make sure there’s enough room

Depending on what time of year your wedding takes place, you may be limited to staying indoors or you may choose to have your send-off outdoors if the weather permits. Either way, you need to make sure there’s enough room for your guests to form two lines for you and your groom to walk between.

If you’re having your send-off indoors, there’s no need to worry about safety. Indoor sparklers for weddings are smokeless and just as fun inside or out.

5. Make an announcement of the event

To alert guests to the big send-off, place a sign in a conspicuous place so they know to stick around. You can even set up a “sparkler station” complete with a sign announcing the fun near the cake table so guests are sure to see it.

6. Give the sparkler send-off responsibilities to someone else

You’ve got enough to worry about, so give the timing and coordination of the sparkler send-off to someone you trust, such as your maid of honor. Sparklers can be tricky to light: some light right away and some take longer. Some sparklers stay lit longer than others do. One way to make it all come together perfectly is to purchase 20 inch wedding sparklers or 36 inch sparklers for weddings because they burn longer so everyone has a chance to get theirs lit and there’s still plenty of light left to guide your way down the middle.

7. Provide water-filled buckets to put used sparklers in

One of the biggest safety concerns with sparklers is where to put them as soon as they are extinguished. The best and easiest way is to put them in water. Provide several small buckets filled with water for guests to put their used sparklers in.

If you’ve decided wedding sparklers would be a great addition to your special day, you can buy cheap wedding sparklers in our store at VIPSparklers.com. We carry many sizes to choose from including wedding cake sparklers, and are excited to help you create memories that will last a lifetime.

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