5 Wedding Sparkler Ideas Not to Forget!

At this point you have decided that you want to have a grand exit with wedding sparklers. It doesn’t matter if you have decided to go with 36 inch Wedding Sparklers or even our Heart Shaped Sparklers, we want to make sure the end of your night goes perfectly! We have added a couple tips for you keep in mind when the big day comes with ViP Wedding Sparklers in hand!

  • Venue Checking: You will absolutely want to check with the venue that your wedding sparklers are allowed.  It would be an absolute shame to be planning on a wedding sparkler exit for months and to find out at the last possible moment your plan was squashed.  We always like to let our brides know that it is best to ask your venue before you plan on purchasing sparklers.  Rest assured ViP Wedding Sparklers are one of the very few sparklers on the market specifically designed for weddings and our made with a steel wire core to help ensure a smokeless and ash-less display.  Majority of the time you will find venues do allow sparklers and have a dedicated area where they allow you to use them.  


  • Wedding Sparkler Displaying: The next stop you will want to make sure you cover with planning on using wedding sparklers is to make sure you inform your wedding guests you will be having a wedding sparkler send off!  It’s always a shame to order the proper amount of wedding sparklers only to find out no one knew about it until they were gone and it was too late.  It is imperative you make a sparkler display or sign to let your guests know they will be participating in the sparkling fun!


  • Have Lighters Ready to Use:  You will want to make sure you have lighters on hand to help make sure you have a safe and quick lighting experience.  We recommend using butane lighters or commonly called barbecue lighters.  These are the easiest sparklers to light and since you can not control the wind, this makes it the deal lighter to  have.  ViP Sparklers advises you to use four lighters when starting the celebration 2 at the front of the lines and two at the back.  This will help ensure a speedy lighting process.


  • Proper Disposal:  Perhaps the most overlooked wedding aspect happens to be having a safe and easy way to dispose of the wedding sparklers after the exit has taken place.  Wedding sparklers will keep there heat for a few minutes after they have extinguished.  You will want to use a couple buckets of sand to easily dispose of the wedding sparklers.

These are some quick and easy tips we wanted to share with our brides and grooms to help ensure an amazing wedding exit.  Please feel free to shoot us an email with any questions or concerns to Sales@ViPSparklers.com