36 Inch Wedding Sparklers vs 20 Inch Wedding Sparklers

36 inch wedding sparklers vs 20 inch wedding sparklers

  As with anything in life, knowing is half the battle when it comes to using wedding sparklers. It is important to understand what wedding sparklers are and how to properly decide what type of sparkler is appropriate for your event. The sparkler itself is the key as most companies don’t offer a true wedding sparkler. Before moving on to different sizes and shapes, it is essential to understand that sparklers made using bamboo or any other type of wooden-based sparkler is almost never wedding appropriate. Wooden sparklers emit an undesired amount of smoke, taking some of the spotlight away from the actual sparkler and its true purpose. This is why i say it is of utmost importance that you choose a wedding sparkler that is made with a stainless steel wire core like the ones offered at ViP Sparklers. This type of sparkler creates an ash-less and smokeless display, allowing the newlyweds to remain the center of attention during their grand wedding exit or during any type of bridal party or wedding reception photographs.

Wedding Sparkler Sizes

  Once you find a reputable distributor like the aforementioned, ViP Sparklers, you will need to decide what shape and what size wedding sparkler is appropriate for your venue. The two most popular sizes are the 20-inch and the 36-inch sparklers. Commonly referred to as or labeled as #20 sparkler and #36 sparklers, respectively, length of size and duration of burn time are the two components that make give these options their differences. They share several similarities, however, understanding that they are the same exact quality product, just physically differing in lengths. This size different affects only one detail of their performances, this variable being burn time. The same beautiful, glowing and clean sparkle will be achieved using either one, but your wedding size, style and venue will help you pin-point which size is best for you.

  For guests list in the range of 50-100 people, the 20-inch sparkler may suffice, providing a burn time of 2 minutes to 2.5 minutes, but for guests list containing more than 100 invitees, the knowledgable associates at ViP Sparklers recommends the use of the 36-inch wedding sparklers, which will create just under four minutes of sparkling magic, which is a bit more extensive and more adequate for a display geared towards this many people. Either way, you will create a memorable moment using these products from ViP Sparklers. Just emailing them at sales@vipsparklers.net will make your entire process a much smoother one.

VIP Sparklers Wedding Sparklers

  This company offers both of these size sparklers in addition to multiple products that may just have a place in your wedding as well. They guarantee your satisfaction and aside from helping you choose the correct products for your wedding, they also make sure that your sparklers arrive in time for your location. This company should be everyone’s selection and I say this because of their unparalleled customer service, high quality products and multiple shipping options. These shipping options include the bonus of free regular shipping on all orders over $50. On top of that, express shipping by Fed-Ex is also available, so anywhere from Maui, Hawaii to Miami, Fl, you will not need to worry about their arrival to your home, business, or wedding reception venue in time for your special day.