36 Inch Wedding Sparklers are Precisely What Your Event is Missing

36 Inch Exit Sparklers For Weddings

When it comes to wedding details, nothing says fun and romantic quite as well as wedding sparklers do! There’s no doubt about it, wedding sparklers liven up any event and add the flare that many are seeking when they’re looking for details to add to any event that goes well into the night. Sparklers scream romance and excitement simultaneously, and what better event to proclaim these feelings and emotions? There are a number of ways you can use our 36 inch sparklers to liven up your wedding, so we’ll go over just a few ways. You’ll quickly realize that 36 inch sparklers for weddings are precisely what your event is missing!

Use Them Indoors!

Many people hear “sparkler” and they assume outdoor use only. When you choose VIP Sparkler’s wedding cake sparklers, you’ll realize that our 36 inch sparkler’s are actually great for both indoor and outdoor use! Forget the sparklers that don’t last and that only work environmentally outdoors… the ones that burn down too quickly and leave any interior room full of smoke.

VIP Sparklers has taken the typical sparkler to a whole new level with the Indoor Smokeless Sparklers for weddings. These sparklers are simply smokeless, ash-less forms of sparklers, and significantly safer than any other sparkler. They leave rooms filled with excitement, not smoke! They are safe at every indoor and outdoor venue, and they are specially designed to last much longer than the alternatives on the market.

Have a Crisp, Clear Exit

The exit is a traditionally celebrated part of a couple’s wedding day. Typically, guests line up with sparklers to light the way via a romantic tunnel for the bride and groom as they race to their getaway car. Exits are frequently ruined by sparklers that burn out too quickly, causing a haze of smoke and chaos… not what you want for your dreamy escape! Our 36 inch smokeless sparklers will light the way before burning out significantly longer than standard sparklers, or sparklers of any other brand. Don’t sacrifice the final moments of your big day with sparklers that aren’t long enough!

VIP Sparklers is Easy to Work With

There’s no doubt about it, VIP Sparklers has the best reputation in the industry for the quality products they manufacture and sell, and for their outstanding customer service. A major added benefit? Their prices are among the most competitive in the industry; you can rest assured that there’s certainly no better quote for the quality sparklers they provide. Customers sing their praises constantly, as can be seen with open reviews on their web site. One customer stated, “Great deal, can’t beat the prices. Any questions or recommendations, just call or shoot them an email and they will offer their best advice.”

Each and every review speaks highly of the company in terms of the indoor wedding sparkler as well as their supreme level of customer service. We ask you this: what more could you want for a vendor on your wedding day? Wedding industry vendors can be expensive, difficult to work with, and untrustworthy, so when you find one as quality as us at VIP Sparklers, you’re doing yourself a major favor by relieving yourself of any potential stress and anxiety that might come with any other vendor.

Have we convinced you? There’s simply no other way to put it: our 36 inch wedding sparklers are exactly the detail you need to make your wedding day complete!