ViP Sparklers is a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of sparklers and novelty items. We specialize in Champagne Bottle Sparklers for a variety of venues: clubs, parties, weddings; ViP Sparklers adds a unique touch to just about any event! We promise to deliver an exciting and inexpensive way to add entertainment to all forms of celebrations.

ViP Sparklers has over ten years of experience in the pyrotechnic industry, with locations in Miami, New York City, Los Angeles, and Dallas. Our products continue to be used by major hotels, cruise lines, clubs, lounges, weddings, restaurants, and special event production companies around the world!

Make every occasion and celebration memorable with ViP Sparklers!

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VIP SPARKLERS Questions  & Answers?


ViP Sparklers started in Miami, Florida ten years ago. We found it extremely difficult for brides to find true wedding sparklers. A lot of other websites stated they sold wedding sparklers, but we found out the hard way they were just ordinary sparklers that created tons of smoke and gave off strong odors. That’s why we teamed up to help brides across the country to be able to find true wedding sparklers made with a stainless steel wire core and a double dipping process. Our 36 inch and 20 inch wedding sparklers are specifically built for weddings and events! After a couple years in the wedding industry and event planning we found our sparklers were a giant hit! We now offer wedding sparklers in many of the largest cities in the U.S. to ensure fast delivery times for our brides. ViP Sparklers knows how important your big wedding day is and our guarantee is to make sure our wedding sparklers arrive on time and we stay with you until the final spark goes out! ViP Sparklers keeps a full staff so if you ever have any questions pertaining to our wedding sparklers we are available for assistance.


ViP Sparklers has been working with nightclubs and events for ten years as we were the first company to bring champagne bottle sparklers to the market! We then found our way into the wedding realm when I was honored to be the best man at a life long friends wedding. He was put in charge of getting wedding sparklers, which in turn put me in charge of finding them. After doing research I found it was very difficult to not only locate wedding sparklers, but to get in touch with a single person. After purchasing from two other vendors I received just ordinary 4th of July sparklers with extremely odd wrapping. After locating a local vendor out of state I finally found wedding sparklers! A couple months after the wedding I decided to look into why it was so difficult and if there was a need for the product. With the help of some fabulous wedding planners in Miami and New York City I found the proper connections and decided to start our own wedding sparklers company. Ten years later we still have our doors open and have helped thousands of brides end there wedding in a sparkling fashion


Our favorite part of our job is always getting the wonderful emails after the brides get back from there honeymoon about how amazing the sparklers were and the photographs they took! But we also love communicating with the brides and educating them on why our sparklers are specifically built for weddings. We also understand every wedding is different and independent so we love working on custom orders for every bride and getting them exactly what they ask for!

Shipping Details

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  • 2 Day Shipping- 2 business days (eligible states)
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  • Ground Shipping – 5 – 6 business days

Payment and Shipping

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Orders must be complete by 4 pm Eastern Standard Time in order to have your order shipped out same day or next day. Orders after 4 pm will be processed the next business day and will be processed. When orders leave our warehouse, the package does not ship until the day after the carrier receives the package for a full business day. For example, if an order is placed on Monday and leaves our warehouse on Monday, the carrier starts the shipping process on Tuesday, not the day the order was processed. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our shipping department at [email protected]