Gender Reveal Silly String

When it’s time for the big reveal, you can either have the parents to be count to three and spray each other with the silly string or have a countdown and have all the guests spray the parents-to-be and guests with the silly string.

Get your party started by having guests participate in a gender prediction and newborn stats quiz and then a vote for baby boy or girl.  After the big finale, give the best baby gender predictors a keepsake prize to take home.



Incorporating Silly String into the big gender revelation is a fun and colorful way to announce the baby’s sex.  Not to mention, it makes for a fabulous photo opportunity!

  • Is it a boy or girl? Select PINK or BLUE for the perfect “Gender Reveal” surprise
  • Remove the color caps and no one will know the color until you are ready to share the secret with your family and friends
  • Easy to hide the can with baby gift wrap, ribbons or spray paint the top gold to keep the surprise
  • The original gender reveal silly string in a 3 ounce can – Non-toxic – Non-flammable – Spray outside -Easy clean up
  • Shake can well prior to using – 100% safe for children and the environment – Made in the USA

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Pink, Blue


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