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    Champagne Bottle Sparklers

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    Champagne Bottle Sparklers can be used anywhere!  These bottle sparklers are a safe form of candle sparklers that give off a breathtaking display when lit. These cake fountains will emit a spectacular spray of sparks that shoot as high as 6 to 8 inches and lasts for over 45 seconds! Our bottle service sparklers are used at major nightclubs and events around the country. Bring the excitement of these sparkler candles to your VIP guests. Their is no reason you shouldn’t feel VIP with our champagne bottle sparklers.  We also offer bulk bottle service sparklers for all large events and venues!  Make your event VIP with our cake fountain sparklers!

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    Bottle Clips For Champagne Sparklers



    Bottle Clips for your Champagne Bottle Sparklers! Improve your bottle service sparklers with our sparkler holder for the safest, most professional display! Our sparkler clips are second to none when it comes to safety at your venue or nightclub.  Our bottle clips are designed to be safe, smart, and simple!  Easily attach to any size champagne or liquor bottle.  Created with the purpose, to protect the safety of the cocktail waitresses and people at the venue.  Please take a moment to check out this product if you are considering our bottle sparklers.  The sparkler clips attach within seconds and you will no longer need dangerous rubber bands or twist-offs.  The best part is the sparkler holders are reusable and durable.  Designed with class and functionality at ViP Sparklers. Our safety bottle clips come in many different quantities for small to large events.